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Designed to keep your pet happy & healthy with consistent deliveries of Oma's Pride!

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Included with Large Dog RAW Meal Subscription:

3 x 5 lb Oma's Pride Chicken & Veggie Mix +
2 x 5 lb Oma's Pride Turkey & Veggie Mix +
1 x 5 lb Oma's Pride Beef & Veggie Mix +
1 x 5 lb Oma's Pride Lamb & Veggie Mix

- OR -

8 x 4 lb Oma's Pride Woof Complete Canine Chicken Meal 

  • Designed for large dogs between 51 -75 lbs for a suggested twice (2x) daily feeding amount of 1 - 1 1/2 cups (or approx. 10 1/2 lbs per week).
  • Choose to Automatically ship free* every 3 or 4 weeks.

Additional Information: Not for human consumption.


Product Reviews

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Large dog meal subscription
Written by Michele Trudeau on 26th Sep 2023

I really love this food. My 2 dogs (Golden Retrievers) have been eating this since I got them as puppies. They are very healthy, happy & my vet says they are the perfect weight. Oma’s pride was recommended by my trainer & I’m so pleased that he did. Great product, excellent customer service & support.

always amazing
Written by joshua thornton on 13th Jun 2023

this company are amazing. any issues with shipping are always rectified fast no questions asked and the product has always been top notch. my dogs will never eat anything else

Written by Min on 14th Mar 2023

Overall is a great product, recommend to pet owners who don’t have time to do your own 8:1:1 mix raw food, and turkey is my German Shepherd’s favorite flavored : )

Game changer!
Written by Cookie's Mom on 4th Feb 2023

We switched our lab/shepherd mix over to Oma's Pride a few months ago and he is THRIVING! He has lots of energy, but doesn't go totally wild after eating like he did when we were feeding kibble. His transition process took only about a couple of days. He loves his food, it's so convenient to have it delivered, and it's so easy to serve! I'm so glad I found this brand and that my fur baby loves it!

Game changer!
Written by Vanessa on 23rd Oct 2022

I had been cooking my dog's food for almost a year and it was not only time-consuming, but also expensive! I decided to switch him to raw food but that seemed overwhelming as well. Someone I know mentioned this brand and I decided to try it out. This is such a game changer! My dog LOVES this food, his coat is much shinier, and he's as healthy as can be. The transition period was pretty short- he had an upset stomach one day, but the next day he was back to normal and thriving. Not only does he love it, but it saves me a ton of time and money- plus the added convenience of his food arriving straight to my door. I'm always telling our other dog parent friends about it!

Oma's Pride Large Dog Raw Meal Subscription
Written by Jennie on 23rd Aug 2022

I've been feeding several of my dogs a raw diet for years which improved with time, but this requires lots of dedicated work. When life got complicated Oma's Pride was my go to for a great (time saving) raw diet atternative. I like the ratio of raw protein. organ meat, bone and vegetables and the trial period has gone well. The dogs have no compIaints and I my subscription will continue.

LOVE it!
Written by Haylee on 18th May 2022

Our dog Harlow loves everything Oma’s Pride! We’ve used the meal subscription for 3 months now & it’s so easy, delivered right to our door! Only the best for our active, healthy puppy!

Written by Lynn Swager on 14th Apr 2022

My dogs love this food . They're looking good and healthy. And so great having it delivered right to my front door

Made my dog sick
Written by Taylor on 28th Mar 2022

We ordered this product and followed the transitioning instructions but my dog got very sick with this food. It could have been a bad batch, we don’t know. My dog does fine on other raw food but he’s still recovering and he got violently ill. The packaging of this product as well made it very hard to deal with and portion out without making a huge mess. The package says it stays good in the fridge for 4 days but I think the food went bad well before then. This is just our experience but we are very unhappy with our expensive and wasteful purchase.

Written by Lynn Swager on 25th Mar 2022

My three doberman love this food they can't wait to eat

Written by Ashley Knipel on 16th Feb 2022

This is a great product. Customer service is very helpful!! Love that I have my delivery prior to me running out. Very happy with this service!! My dog loves the food!!

Great product.
Written by Michurin on 3rd Jan 2022

For quite a while I am feeding raw diet, which require a lot of time, so I started looking for a ready to feed product and oma's pride was recommended by a few people. Before ordering I had quite long email exchange with customer service, supper helpful and very informative, able to get you all the answers you looking for. Based on information received product has proper combination of ingredients to support your furry companion. I was worring about shipping but it's done to perfection: very fast and food arrives frozen to a stone condition so no worries there. And last but not least my Rottweiler loves food the bowl is empty before I can blink. No stomach issues what so ever, the coat is shiny and very healthy. I am more then pleased with this product!

Written by RACHELE RICHARDSON on 20th Jul 2021

Love all of the Oma's products, great quality, fast shipments, great customer service and my dogs love the food!!

Raw food subscription
Written by Helen Fitzgibbons on 18th May 2021

Subscribed with ease, great quality, helpful customer service agents - my dog is thriving on the raw diet! Beautiful coat, healthy weight, fresh breath, strong teeth.

Large Dog RAW mix
Written by Jennifer Nogas on 8th Feb 2021

My dog loves this food. He’s been on a “good brand” kibble for years but something was just missing. He became ill over the holidays and after eating chicken and rice for 2 weeks, he was like a puppy again and looked forward to eating. After 2 weeks he went back to kibble and 1 week later he was back to being blah again about eating. I ordered this and he gets so excited to eat every meal. He has more energy and has a sparkle in his eye again. His coat is soft and shiny and now on raw, his breath doesn’t smell anymore. Raw food is the way to go.

Greatest Dog food ever!
Written by Deborah on 6th Oct 2020

When I got my GSD she was constantly shedding and itching. I switched to Oma's her coat is shiny and she has so much more energy

large Dog RAW Meal subscription
Written by IRAIDA M GONZALEZ on 29th Sep 2020

I been feeding my GSD raw since he was 4 months old he is now 4 yrs old . I was serching for the best place to buy turkey hearts to add to his daily routine and found Oma's pride, I first tryed the raw sample and Bear love it, I decided to do the meal subscription and I have have to say is the best decision ever! the food comes perfectly frozen , the packaging is great. the best part is that I don't have to spend hours in prepping his food and making trips to different supermarkets looking for different choices . The content of every individual meal is very balance --the ratio of bone, internal organs and vegetables is perfect combination. My dog had no problem eating or digesting this food. I highly recommend this product.

Best decision ever!
Written by Ariel Bates on 21st Jul 2020

Feeding raw is an amazing choice but takes SO MUCH STRESS to prepare. Not to mention the freezer space it takes up to make it cost effective by prepping in bulk. Not only does this give me peace of mind on the nutrition balance, I’m able to fit my food in the freezer too!

Amazing! Best choice ever!
Written by Ariel Bates on 1st Jul 2020

Trying to find an affordable raw option is hard enough, making sure a DIY is balanced is nerve wracking. The meal subscription is easy, balanced, and convenient! Perfect packaging, easy to divide into meals. Fits nicely in the freezer, and the dog loves it!

Automated raw food delivery
Written by Helen Fitzgibbons on 11th May 2020

We love this product and service. So does our three year old lab! Service has been extremely reliable with its deliveries even through the pandemic. Customer care specialists are knowledgeable, helpful, accommodating. Great variety and no meal prep required with all the benefits of a raw food diet!

RAW Meal subscription
Written by Colleen on 5th Feb 2019

My 1year old Golden Retriever loves Oma's. He's super healthy, has a beautiful coat, and beautiful teeth with NO BAD BREATH. Oma's customer service is the best, the delivery comes right on time. Yes it's expensive, but you get what you pay for with Oma's. Our family is more than satisfied with every aspect of Oma's.

Large Dog Raw subscription
Written by Colleen on 4th Dec 2018

I love Oma's, and so does my 1 year old Golden! Oma's was recommended to us by Mick's breeder, assuring us that it was the best and healthiest way to feed him. She was right; his coat is beautiful, his teeth are sparkling and his breath is always fresh. Customer service is top notch, and dealing with Nick is always prompt and thorough. It's expensive, but honestly you get what you pay for with Oma's.

Written by Christine on 10th Sep 2018

I absolutely love the Oma's Pride meal subscription - my dobie girl loves it even more than I do! Great quality, absolutely phenomenal service. These subscriptions make raw so unbelievably easy, with my crazy schedule and long hours I did not think I could make raw work, but I'm so glad that I found Oma's Pride subscriptions. Excellent.