Oma's Pride Beef & Veggie Mix 5 lb

Oma's Pride | Raw Food & More
  • Excellent source of protein, manganese, potassium, selenium, and vitamin B.
  • High levels of zinc and iron to support heart health.
  • Sourced (protein) & produced in the USA.
  • 100% natural -- no preservatives, additives, or flavorings.

Suggested Use & Instructions:

  • For intermittent or supplemental feeding only.
  • We recommend feeding twice (2x) per day.
  • Keep frozen until ready to use. Thaw in refrigerator as needed and use within 4 days. Some liquid after completely thawing is normal. After portioning, you may refreeze for later use. Discard any uneaten product. Do not cook.
  • Feed according to your pet's age, weight, activity level, and dietary needs. Refer to our feeding guide HERE.

Feeding Instructions:

XS (1-15 lb.).: 4 oz. / day | 1 patty / day | 1/2 portion pack / day

S (16-25 lb.): 8 oz. / day | 2 patties / day | 1 portion pack / day

M (26-50 lb.): 16 oz. / day | 4 patties / day | 2 portion packs / day

L (51-75 lb.): 24 oz. / day | 6 patties / day | 3 portion packs / day

XL (76+ lb.): 32 oz. / day | 8 patties / day | 4 portion packs / day

Ingredients: Beef meat, beef heart, broccoli, butternut squash, beef kidney, bone dust, beef liver, and kale.

Calorie Content (ME, Calculated): 1829 kcal/kg   52 kcal/oz      

Guaranteed Analysis:  

Crude Protein (min.) 12%

Crude Fat (min.) 16%

Crude Fiber (max.) 4%

Moisture (max.) 67%

Additional Information: Product is 100% raw and should be treated as raw meat. Keep frozen until ready to use. Not for human consumption.


Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 19 ratings)
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Written by Elaine on 12th Sep 2023

Happy with product but not happy with the packaging. Almost every package, when thawing, leaks.

great daily food staple
Written by David Eskin on 16th Aug 2023

We have used this product for over 15 years and over the lives of three labs. Never had a problem with digestion or dogs interest in eating it. It is worth the price and we will continue to use it with our own addition of extra veggies (kale or other greens), a splash of salmon oil, two spoons of apple sauce and a splash of kefir or yogurt.

Beef and veggie mix
Written by Patricia mock on 17th Jul 2023

My dogs love it! Easy to feed a raw diet just add o'paws vitamins.

Beef & Veggie Mix
Written by Janice Cleveland on 10th Jan 2023

My Whippet just loves the Beef & Veggie mix. She eats it in a flash & looks for more. No more diarrhea. Its the best raw food around.

Love this recipe!
Written by Kaylyn on 2nd Oct 2022

My dog enjoys beef along with several other proteins. We rotate this mix in every few weeks along with Oma's other products. We love it!

Oma's Pride Beef & Veggie Mix 5 lb
Written by Elaine Cholewa on 13th Oct 2021

No complaints about this product My dog is healthy and at a good weight

Written by Lynda Spreitzer on 20th Jul 2021

My dogs have stayed happy and healthy.

Oma’s Beef
Written by Lynda Spreitzer on 29th Jun 2021

Our dogs favorite.

Combo with veggies is a time saver
Written by Dino on 8th Jun 2021

Great quality and I like not having to add the veggies to their meals. Dogs love it and are doing well with this in their diets

Written by Ginny Ziobro on 22nd Mar 2021

my pups love's ground just right...I had tried another brand but it was too bulky and fatty and they threw it up. This is perfect.

Great beef mix
Written by Gwen Lucoff on 17th Nov 2020

My Dobermans love the beef mix I feed it for their PM meal Good ratio of veggies to meat It’s very similar to the mix I used to make before My equipment was destroyed in the Woosley fire

Beef and Veggie
Written by Randall Emshwiller-Bohan on 25th Jun 2020

I searched every where for a beef food that my sensitive dog would be able to eat. I was doing my own meal preps for him until I tried this out. He is a Bulldog/Beagle mix that has lots of sensitivities that show with skin and ear problems. He has been on it since Jan and doing great. I rotate in salmon for now until I can try some other proteins. Ripken just had his senior blood work done and the vet was in disbelief that everything was spot on since we have had so many issues over the last 8 years. Skin is great, coat is thick and shining, and not to mention we have his weight under control! Thanks Oma’s

Raw Food
Written by Dennis on 9th Mar 2020

Both of my Akita’s really enjoy all of the different varieties of Oma’s.

Eskie loves Beef & Veg
Written by Myra Carpenter on 8th May 2019

OK, to be honest, Lizzy loves every flavor of Oma’s that she’s tried. I like doing a daily rotation of different protein sources and so now we’re doing chicken, beef and turkey, with salmon as a treat. Thank you Oma’s for shipping to NC!

Oma's Pride Beef & Veggie Mix 5 lb
Written by Mike K on 6th May 2019

WOW!!! Can't believe how great your products are. Max loves Oma's Pride Beef & Veggie Mix & your freeze dried turkey hearts. I've used other manufacturers products in the past and none of them come close to the quality yours according to Max. She's threaten to leave if we change to anything else. LOL

The best
Written by Christine on 22nd Apr 2019

I love the ease of Oma's Pride and the quality that you get. When I switched my girl to kibble after a recent move, we saw a related spike in her liver values (she has liver disease). Switched her back to Oma's Pride, and within a few months she has 100% healthy bloodwork values across the board. With my busy lifestyle and long days, this is such a great resource to get high quality raw food into her diet. Absolutely love it.

Beef and Veggies
Written by Desiree Winans on 8th Apr 2019

Buckley loves this product :-) for him it's all about nice juicy meat. I've gotten beef patties and different things that are not juicy and he won't eat them. This has a nice texture it's a good value for the amount of food that you get. He loves it with a raw egg and a little bit of the fundamental vitality, I put a little bit of ground up pumpkin seed, nutritional yeast, and even a clove of garlic in there and he loves it!

Written by Denise James on 14th Feb 2019

Great natural, healthy food! My dogs from 2.5 lbs Chihuahua's to 60lb Boxers LOVE Oma's food, ''whatever'' it is. This is amazing and I add my Fundamental Vitality vits/minerals for a complete meal.

Excellent for dogs on raw diet
Written by Gail C on 26th Jul 2018

My one year old Black Lab is thriving on Oma's food. He has been eating Oma's as part of his raw diet since we picked him up from the breeder at 8 weeks old. They recommended Oma's and we are glad they did. The food is easy to prepare, and I just add a few cooked vegetables and some other supplements (like beef organ crumbles from Oma's). People remark on how healthy he looks and how shiny. Oma's also ships promptly and the food is fresh and well packed. We are very satisfied.