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Woof Complete Canine Chicken Recipe is a complete raw meal formulated exclusively for dogs'. Made with USA-sourced and antibiotic-free chicken meat, organs, and bones blended with high quality vegetables and a specialty nutrient mix. Free of grains, corn, and other fillers for a naturally carnivore-focused canine diet. Quality you can trust for a healthy and happy pet! 


  • Exceeds AAFCO canine nutritional standards as a complete meal for all life stages.
  • Excellent source of protein.
  • Natural calcium derived from fresh ground chicken bones.
  • Algal oil, a source of omega-3 fatty acid DHA, aids in healthy skin and coats.
  • Vitamin C supports a strong immune system.
  • Sourced (protein) & produced in the USA.
  • 100% raw premium USA raised protein.
  • Made in small batches.
  • High in fatty acids
  • Muscle, bone, & joint support.
  • High in amino acids.
  • Rich in vitamins & minerals.

Suggested Use & Instructions:

  • We recommend feeding twice (2x) per day.
  • Keep frozen until ready to use. Thaw in refrigerator as needed and use within 4 days. Some liquid after completely thawing is normal. After portioning, you may refreeze for later use. Discard any uneaten product. Do not cook.
  • We recommend feeding twice per day and according to your pet's age, weight, activity level, and/or dietary needs. Puppies and/or pregnant/nursing pets will require additional feeding. Amounts listed below reflect total daily consumption of all foods. Suggested amounts intended for adult pets.
  • Feed according to your pet's age, weight, activity level, and dietary needs. Refer to our feeding guide HERE.

Feeding Instructions:

XS (1-15 lb.).: 4 oz. / day | 1 patty / day | 1/2 portion pack / day

S (16-25 lb.): 8 oz. / day | 2 patties / day | 1 portion pack / day

M (26-50 lb.): 16 oz. / day | 4 patties / day | 2 portion packs / day

L (51-75 lb.): 24 oz. / day | 6 patties / day | 3 portion packs / day

XL (76+ lb.): 32 oz. / day | 8 patties / day | 4 portion packs / day

Ingredients: Chicken & bone, chicken necks, broccoli, butternut squash, kale, chicken hearts, gizzards, liver,
dried poultry liver, choline, coconut, iron proteinate, vitamin E, sodium ascorbate (source of vitamin C),
algal oil (vegetarian source of DHA), selenium yeast, zinc proteinate, copper proteinate, manganese proteinate,
mixed tocopherols, vitamin B3, calcium carbonate, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B12,
vitamin B6, ethylenediamine dihydriodide, vitamin B5, vitamin D3 , and vitamin B9.

Calorie Content (ME, Calculated): 1461 kcal/kg   41 kcal/oz      

Guaranteed Analysis:  

Crude Protein (min.) 13%

Crude Fat (min.) 10%

Crude Fiber (max.) 1%

Moisture (max.) 67%

Additional Information: Product is 100% raw and should be treated as raw meat. Keep frozen until ready to use. Not for human consumption.


Product Reviews

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Written by Sandee Knight on 11th Aug 2023

My dogs love this!

Written by Maria on 14th Jul 2023

Omas does it right another delicious well balanced protein , our dog enjoys.

So happy we found this company!
Written by CY on 28th Nov 2022

Our Shiba suffers from IBD and does not tolerate most foods. We've tried all sorts of prescription diets and different subscription fresh foods, you name the brand and we've probably tried it. Oma's raw food is the ONLY food we found so far that gives him the perfect poops. Their customer service is also great and we're happy on the subscription!

Written by neil Danekind on 21st Nov 2022

this is a great product, my dogs come running for their bowls!

Canine Woof
Written by Rebecca on 20th Jul 2022

Bella's the most selective Labrador I've ever met. Aren't Labs supposed to LOVE food? It's a relief that she likes Woof because it's so easy! Her health is excellent, minimal shedding except when she does seasonal blow out, and no fleas or dog odor without the need to use chemical repellent.or flea shampoo. She was weaned onto Oma's Pride by her breeder who passed on this great resource to us.

Our favorite raw food!
Written by Kaylyn on 6th May 2022

My Australian Shepherd has been eating Woof for the past two years and is thriving. I feel confident serving this complete and balanced pre-made raw to him everyday. We love Oma's Pride!

Great complete food
Written by ACossette on 3rd Feb 2022

I have 2 dogs that are both under 2yrs old that. I just recently found out about Oma's Pride Woof Complete. I'm really excited that you'll be having more protein options soon because my dogs love this food. Shipping is fast, customer service is top notch and responds quickly, packaging has all been wonderful as well. Thank you for a great product!

Great meal
Written by Julia Lanzano Jones on 13th Dec 2021

I love this product and so does my dog! He enjoys this more than the veggie mix products

Woof Complete Canine Chicken Meal
Written by Colleen Altman on 4th May 2021

We are on 2 years of feeding our shepherd mix a raw morning diet. She waits at the freezer door to get her portion. We feed it frozen to her and she will take a finger off if your not careful, (LOL) . The changes in her coat color and energy was noticeable after two weeks. Keep making these wonder meals for our fur babies.

Dog loves it!
Written by Stephanie Clarke on 5th Apr 2021

I've been feeding raw for over 5 years and love the convenience of having food delivered to my door. My chihuahua loves the food and the price is incredible.

Oma Products
Written by Jolene Mercadante on 26th Jan 2021

I have been ordering from Oma since 2005. I feel so good giving my dogs the best food there is. I’ve recently started seeing a holistic vet for one of my dogs and after I told him what I feed them, he told me they are on the most anti cancerous diet possible. Thank you Oma.

Quality product
Written by Christopher Currier on 17th Jan 2021

We cycle this into our raw subscription to be 100% sure we’re balancing our ridgeback’s diet. The quality is obvious, and our boy loves it — you can rest easy feeding raw knowing it’s AAFCO certified.

Written by Ginny Ziobro on 21st Dec 2020

my dogs love has great ingredients

Love this food
Written by Rachele on 24th Nov 2020

This meal is perfect for my raw fed dog. It’s full of the nutrients she needs and easy to purchase.

Written by Ginny Ziobro on 9th Nov 2020

My pups really like this...I feel I'm giving them a nutritionally complete meal.

Woof complete canine raw chicken based meal
Written by Kathleen Skovan on 6th Oct 2020

An extremely well formulated food, resulting in healthy, energetic, and beautiful dogs. No fillers, highly digestible, resulting in remarkably minimal low odor stools. Especially valuable for breeds inclined to bloat, to my knowledge raw fed dogs rarely if ever suffer from gastric torsion. Highly palatable to most dogs, a bit of grated freeze dried chicken heart topper will often tempt reluctant first timers. The price may be initially higher than huge bags of dry kibble, but remember you are also not scooping up and discarding 3/4 of what goes in as you are with carbohydrate heavy kibble. Your dog will not get sick from eating raw foods, and as long as you follow common sense hygiene practices such as washing hands and counters, neither will you!

woof complete canine chicken meal
Written by David Eskin on 14th Sep 2020

Great product; breader recommended for my lab--thanks to Carla at On the Bluff Labs. This has been Lucy's breakfast since we got her at 2mths old, one cup with a little water; she loves it!!!!

re 4 & 5 pound meal
Written by Joey Srour on 11th Jun 2020

My 9 week old mallinois loves the food. i wish it can come in bigger bulk for cheaper. he's eating 1.5 pounds in total a day

Woof Complete Canine Chicken Meal 4 lb
Written by Richard on 6th Jun 2020

My family has a 7 year old Golden Retriever who has been eating this product his entire life. Simba loves his Woof and is benefiting from all the good things the raw diet provides. We are so happy that we started Simba on Woof as he's grown into a beautiful, strong and healthy dog. We applaud Oma's for providing such great products.

Written by Kirby on 25th May 2020

This is a good combo of ingredients, very nutritious! My girls absolutely love it!

Oma Woof
Written by Jolene Mercadante on 6th Apr 2020

I feel I’m giving my dogs the best food on the planet with this product. I’ve been an Oma customer since 2005. With the Woof product, they have created a complete meal that even my vets are happy with. Human grade quality ingredients. All my dogs love it too. Approved for all life stages, there’s nothing better.

All my dogs love it!
Written by Stacy on 17th Dec 2019

I recently transitioned to raw with all of my dogs... the two more fabulous outcomes are with my oldest dog, a 12 year old Standard Poodle, and my youngest dog, a 7 month of Labrador retriever. My Poodle has always been really fussy and I've always had to prompt him to eat... I feed WOOF out of a Toppl and he is excited for mealtimes and finishes every morsel! It's been such a struggle to keep weight on him his whole life... this is great!! With my 7 month old, she has always had a VERY sensitive stomach.... it was hard finding a kibble she could tolerate without having overly soft stool... she is doing GREAT on WOOF.... best poops ever!! Really fantastic product... very fresh! And I love the packaging.... fits easily in the freezer! Very satisfied customer!!

Eskie loves Woof Complete Chicken Meal
Written by Myra A Carpenter on 17th Dec 2019

My dog loves the Complete Chicken Meal. Since I alternate with this with Oma's Beef and Veg mix, I like that my dog is getting two different sources of vitamins and minerals. Woof Complete can be served as is, whereas I add my own vitamins and minerals to the Beef and Veg mix.

Great Product!
Written by Celeste on 2nd Dec 2019

My dogs absolutely love this stuff! And my male who has a really sensitive gut had no issues on this. I like that it is "complete", and I plan to start the subscription service with this to alternate with the raw mixed subscription plan I already have here.

Written by Laurie on 5th Aug 2019

My OES’s Absolutely Dance Around The Kitchen For Their Meals - Which A First For Both Of Them - They Are Very Picky & Anything That Gets Them To Eat Is Great. Thank You OMA’s

Woof is a healthy and complete meal
Written by Gail C on 26th Jul 2018

I have been feeding Oma's Pride raw products to my one year old black Lab since I picked him up from the breeder at 8 weeks old. Oma's was recommended by the breeder and they were right. Fergus is shiny and healthy and loves his meals. I supplement with some cooked veggies and the Oma's Beef or Turkey Organ Crumbles on top for breakfast. At dinner he gets one of the other Oma's raw proteins. I appreciate how easy it is to receive my order, order one day and it arrives well packed and fresh the next day. Thank you Oma's!

Written by Patrick Agagni on 12th May 2018

My pup has been eating Oma's Pride since I brought him home 1 year ago! His vet couldn't be more impressed at what a healthy dog he is! He loves meal time and devours his food. Thanks for helping me show Brody how loved he is!

Great Food
Written by William Kalush on 26th Mar 2018

Although I've never tasted it myself, if the way my dogs go after Woof is an indication of taste it must be the most delicious food on earth. Before using Woof our older Border Terrier didn't really eat unless coaxed. Now with woof she truly woofs it down! She's also more fit and more active now than when she ate "regular" dog food.

Great Food!
Written by WK on 3rd Nov 2017

My two border terriers absolutely love this food! Good job Oma.

Finicky no more.
Written by Michael Messina on 7th Jun 2015

We have a three year old German Shepherd Dog named Toby. We've had him since he was eight weeks old. We've tried dozens of dog foods, and even more combinations. He was never enthusiastic about his food, until now. Your Woof Complete Canine Chicken Meal is fantastic. Thank you so much. Mike and Sharon Messina