Oma's Pride

 Named for our beloved matriarch, Margaret “Oma” Miller, we are a fourth generation family owned and operated company. Rooted in humble beginnings in Connecticut's Farmington Valley, we began selling eggs door-to-door. Over the next several decades, we evolved to a turkey farm, raising and processing for the local community. Through the 1970s, we again morphed to a USDA poultry processor and regional food distributor, serving the New England area.


A tradition of healthy pets living on the farm and a sick family dog cured by the emerging raw food movement in the 1990's, led to the creation of Oma's Pride. Oma's daughter, Sandi, driven by a trailblazing spirit and passion for animal wellness, partnered with animal nutritionists and veterinarians to formalize decades old family recipes for pets everywhere. Over the last several decades our product offering has evolved into AAFCO complete diets, exotic proteins, natural supplements, freeze-dried treats, chews, and more. Our commitment to pure, human-grade ingredients, sourced from local farms and relationships of trust, has not changed. Helping pets live their fullest lives through simple carnivore focused diets of raw food, as nature intended, is an unwavering generations-old family value.


A Note From Our Family

"We know that balancing the demands of everyday life can be difficult and feeding raw food can be a commitment. Whether feeding complete recipes only or adding raw meaty bones and rotating proteins, the best way to feed is the one that works for your family. Consistency and feeding raw foods are what we know to be best for your pet. Trust us, they will thank you!"