Why Raw?

Our Feeding Philosophy 

We believe that the key to our pets living long, healthy and happy lives starts in their bowl. Biologically appropriate and consistent with the digestive makeup of their ancestors, diets should always be raw, to preserve crucial enzymes and nutrient composition. Always unprocessed or cooked, with human-grade meats and vegetables, and free of fillers, flavors or binders, as nature intended. 

Canines thrive on a carnivore focused diet, consisting of ground raw meat, bones, organs and select vegetables. Optimally, raw meaty bones (chicken necks, duck necks, sardines, and others) are introduced for stimulation, dental hygiene and a full nutritional profile. Supplementing or rotating proteins between Complete Recipes, Signature Mixes or Exotic Proteins is a common way to introduce variety and is a staple of Oma's philosophy. 

Felines thrive on an exclusively carnivore diet, consisting of ground raw meat, bones and organs. Poultry and fish are favorites and provide a full spectrum of nutrition. Supplementing with Exotic Proteins is common practice, helping to find the preference of even the most selective pallets.


Why Oma's Pride?

gen-brochure-icons-29.png What you see is what you get. Free from preservatives, additives, by-products, grains, corn, soy, or sugar.

gen-brochure-icons-16.png Our pet food is human-grade, USA sourced, and made in small batches with care from local sources we’ve trusted for decades.

gen-brochure-icons-15.pngAs pioneers in raw pet food, our unwavering commitment to quality and our customers stands the test of time.


Benefits Of Raw Feeding

nutrientabsorption.png Increased nutrient absorption

shiniercoat.png Supports healthier skin & shinier coat

inflamation.png Relieves joint & skin inflammation

gen-brochure-icons-03.png Promotes eye, gum & teeth health - resulting in better breath ;)

gen-brochure-icons-04.png Provides natural allergy relief

gen-brochure-icons-08.png Supports a healthy gut - healthier stools & less gas

gen-brochure-icons-09.png Helps to regulate metabolism & maintain optimal weight

gen-brochure-icons-05.png Increased alertness & improved temperament

gen-brochure-icons-10.png Provides greater joy & interest in mealtime


How To Transition To A Raw Diet

There are multiple approaches to transitioning your pet to a raw diet and it ultimately depends on your pet's own digestive needs.

Some will apply a gradual transition, feeding primarily current food in the AM and raw food in the PM, increasing the percentage of raw food over several days or weeks. Others will feed current food in the PM and begin a 100% raw food diet for the AM meal and continue from there. Some do not recommend mixing dry kibble and raw food in a single meal as some pets seem digest these two types of food at different rates and may cause digestive unpleasantness. However, other pets are perfectly fine with this combination.

Always provide access to fresh, clean water with every meal and throughout the day. 


How To Serve Raw Food

We recommend thawing frozen raw food overnight in the refrigerator and storing in an air-tight container in refrigerator to be fed within 5 days of thawing. Thawed raw food can be portioned and refrozen for future use. Most pets will eat raw food straight from the refrigerator, however some may prefer it served at room temperature.

Be sure to wash all hands, feeding bowls, and serving utensils with soap and hot water afterwards.

DO NOT cook any raw foods containing bones (whole or ground) as they will become hard and may become serious choking and digestive hazards.