Oma's Pride Turkey & Veggie Mix 5 lb

Oma's Pride | Raw Food & More
  • Excellent source of lean protein and amino acids.
  • Low in saturated fat and cholesterol.
  • Contains tryptophan, which strengthens the immune system.
  • Sourced (protein) & produced in the USA.
  • 100% natural -- no preservatives, additives, or flavorings.

Suggested Use & Instructions:

  • For intermittent or supplemental feeding only.
  • We recommend feeding twice (2x) per day.
  • Keep frozen until ready to use. Thaw in refrigerator as needed and use within 4 days. Some liquid after completely thawing is normal. After portioning, you may refreeze for later use. Discard any uneaten product. Do not cook.
  • Feed according to your pet's age, weight, activity level, and dietary needs. Refer to our feeding guide HERE.

Feeding Instructions:

XS (1-15 lb.).: 4 oz. / day | 1 patty / day | 1/2 portion pack / day

S (16-25 lb.): 8 oz. / day | 2 patties / day | 1 portion pack / day

M (26-50 lb.): 16 oz. / day | 4 patties / day | 2 portion packs / day

L (51-75 lb.): 24 oz. / day | 6 patties / day | 3 portion packs / day

XL (76+ lb.): 32 oz. / day | 8 patties / day | 4 portion packs / day

Ingredients: Turkey meat & bone, green beans, okra, yellow squash, turkey hearts, turkey gizzards, turkey liver.

Calorie Content (ME, Calculated): 1368 kcal/kg   39 kcal/oz    

Guaranteed Analysis:  

Crude Protein (min.) 13%

Crude Fat (min.) 9%

Crude Fiber (max.) 5%

Moisture (max.) 73%

Additional Information: Product is 100% raw and should be treated as raw meat. Keep frozen until ready to useNot for human consumption.


Product Reviews

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Turkey Review
Written by Bill Eichinger on 21st Aug 2023

Great product. Thor loves it and seems to have no problems with it.

Oma's pride Turkey and vegetables
Written by Jill on 16th Aug 2023

I order the Turkey because I can't find a good sorce near me. I like that it's delivered right to my house. It has always come completely frozen. My dogs like it and do very well on it.

Turkey Veggie
Written by Keri on 11th Apr 2023

Great product.

Oma's Pride Turkey and Veggies
Written by Christine MacPhersom on 8th Oct 2022

Our dog loves this food. She knows the sound of the container being opened. We only feed a raw diet and we only use Oma's. Customer service issues have been resolved quickly and satisfactorily. I even found my cat's face in the food once as she was devouring what was in the bowl. I highly recommend this to anybody wanting to try a raw diet for their dog. Each time we are at the vet the word "amazing" is used about her teeth, coat and eyes. I guess feeding a raw diet of good quality is beneficial to our dog in all ways.

Oma’s pride turkey and vegetables
Written by Cindy Boyt on 1st Sep 2022

A great product, both of my dogs have done very well on this product. Their coat, energy and overall health have been amazing. The subscription service is so convenient and the product arrives the next day. High quality and so worth it.

My Chihuahua mix loves this food!
Written by Matt Erickson on 19th Jan 2022

I switched my dog to this raw food mix several months ago. Within a week she seemed to have more energy and was way more excited to eat in the morning and evening. I will mix this with a little bit of rice and I can't keep her away from her bowl. Once or twice I decided to try to make this food myself with cooked chicken rice and vegetables and she just turned her nose about it. When I switched back she was excited to eat again and her energy has been fantastic. Highly recommended, is shipped in a timely manner and Frozen I probably ordered about eight times at this point and have never had an issue. Great product, great quality, great team keep up the great work!!!

Oma's Pride Turkey & Veggie Mix 5 lb
Written by Elaine Cholewa on 13th Oct 2021

Very good product but sometimes too watery

Written by Trisha Danula on 2nd Sep 2021

I have been using Oma’s Pride for years. My dog absolutely does well on it. Lately the Turkey has been coming with a different color and texture. Lately it’s been a gray color with no distinguishing vegetables like previous purchases.

Turkey/Veggie Raw Dog food
Written by Tricia on 7th Jun 2021

Just switched my dog to this food and he absolutely loves it. His coat has never looked so good!

Great food but Horrible packaging
Written by Erica on 24th May 2021

My dog has been eating Oma’s for over 4 years now and I can’t say enough about the quality of the food and the good health of my yellow lab. But, since we have buying Oma’s (the same 5lb packages), the quality of the packaging has gone way down. Every 1/3 packages leaks while defrosting in the fridge. I now only put it in tupperware and super thick plastic bags to defrost so I’m cleaning blood out of those rather than out of my whole fridge. Many times there are visible holes in the packages also, which was never the case before. Disappointing because otherwise I would definitely give the food a 5/5

Raw turkey and veggie mix 5 lbs
Written by Cathy LaFond on 19th Apr 2021

I’ve been buying Oma’s pride raw meals and other products for a few months now. We feel a raw diet as much as possible is best for our dogs. Have tried other raw diets in the past and I feel Oma’s pride is a quality product that can be trusted and our pups love it.

Great mix
Written by Gwen Lucoff on 17th Nov 2020

Great mix I feed in AM to my Dobermans With ground turkey necks It’s just like I would be making if I still had my equipment

Awesome food
Written by Spencer Harrington on 4th May 2020

My dog is obsessed with this mix. Great way to get all you need in one.

Doggo approved!
Written by Chad Pressler on 23rd Mar 2020

The doggo loves the turkey, chicken and beef mixes! You really can see the quality of these products when you're serving them. Fully recommend these!!!

Written by Sabrina on 9th Mar 2020

My dog loves it and is very eager to eat his meals. His coat is amazingly shiny and his breath no longer smells. And....his poo is small, crumbly and easy to clean.

Turkey and veg mix
Written by Richene Plummer on 10th Sep 2019

I recently integrated this into my dogs already steady diet of chicken and veg mix for variety as was suggested by Oma’s Pride. So glad I did. They love this one also.... I have 4 dogs and I feed them ONLY Oma’s Pride. Next, I will try adding another variety. Such excellent quality. Thanks Oma’s Pride!

My dog started eating raw!
Written by Lisa Carrere on 28th Jun 2019

I can't believe this. Just a few days ago my last cat who was resistant to eating raw was won over by your poultry blend and now my one dog (out of four) who would not eat raw is eating it thanks to this blend. He ate it yesterday and again today. I switched my dogs to raw last year and he was the only one who would not eat raw meals. He will eat supplemental things like raw goat's milk, sardines, raw eggs, poultry feet and cooked organs and meat but not raw meat or organs and no ground meals but this food has won him over. I am amazed. Thank you for such great food for pets!

She loves it
Written by Christine on 22nd Apr 2019

I love the ease of Oma's Pride and the quality that you get. When I switched my girl to kibble after a recent move, we saw a related spike in her liver values (she has liver disease). Switched her back to Oma's Pride, and within a few months she has 100% healthy bloodwork values across the board. With my busy lifestyle and long days, this is such a great resource to get high quality raw food into her diet. Absolutely love it.

Written by Malkin Shaw on 2nd Apr 2019

Our dogs love this product. We have used it for years. All good stuff

Turkey veggie mix
Written by Malkin Shaw on 22nd Nov 2018

Our older dog loves it. We have used it for many years. Our new puppy will be on it when he is old enough. All good stuff that the dogs love.