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Included with Extra Large Dog RAW Meal Subscription:

3 x 5 lb Oma's Pride Chicken & Veggie Mix + 
3 x 5 lb Oma's Pride Turkey & Veggie Mix + 
2 x 5 lb Oma's Pride Beef & Veggie Mix + 
1 x 5 lb Oma's Pride Lamb & Veggie Mix 

- OR -

11 x 4 lb Oma's Pride Woof Complete Canine Chicken Meal 

  • Designed for extra large dogs over 75 lbs for a suggested twice (2x) daily feeding amount of 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 cups (or approx. 14 1/2 - 15 lbs per week).
  • Automatically ships FREE every 3 weeks.


**Debit & credit cards are the ONLY accepted payment methods for RAW subscription plans at this time. PayPal is NOT an available payment option for this product.

Product Reviews

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Top Quality
Written by Erika Robles on 22nd Jul 2020

I have seen my dogs get healthier on Oma’s Pride diet. Not only could I see it in their physique, but their energy levels as well. You could also tell by their stool that they are eating cleaner and healthier food. The biggest blessing though, as a Frenchie mama, is that their farts do not nearly kill me everyday; and it’s less embarrassing when guests are around. I don’t have to excuse them for their stinky farts anymore. I loooovvvveee their products and the subscription makes it easy to always have the food ready and available.

My two dogs love it
Written by Korneliya on 1st Jun 2020

I’ve been feeding my two dogs raw for over a year now. Tried all possible pre made. This is the only brand that my dogs don’t get crazy itchy paws right after meal. And it’s also the cheapest one and best packaged for frozen delivery (Despite Vegas heat it still arrives fully frozen, never had a problem). And it’s the cheapest per pound that delivers to my door.

My dogs love it!
Written by Erika Robles on 25th May 2020

It makes me happy to see my dogs excited about food. With kibbles, I had to keep switching to figure out what they may want. Putting myself in their paws, I thought

Awesome product!
Written by Blake Coltham on 20th May 2020

It arrived frozen, the packaging is nice and convenient! One of my dogs didn’t agree with the turkey one, but I already suspected he had an issue with turkey anyways. I love this product and will continue using it! So healthy!

My Dogs Love It!!
Written by Kishia on 30th Dec 2019

For years I struggled to find a dog food my boxers would eat. I lost my boy Harper to liver cancer at only 6 years old and I knew I had to do something different. After hearing so many negative things about kibble I started researching feeding a raw diet. The benefits blew me away. At first I thought I would make my own, but quickly realized it was almost impossible to make homemade dog food balanced. I didn’t have access the all the ingredients I would need to make it balanced. Then I discovered Oma’s Pride Woof Complete....and the rest is history. This is the only dog food I will feed my babies from now on. I saw a difference in their coat, energy level, and most importantly their love of their food. They LOVE their meals now and I never have to beg them to eat like I did before. If you are on the fence I encourage you to try it. You and your dog will be glad you did.

My dogs love it!
Written by Celeste on 2nd Dec 2019

I have two 50 lb dogs and decided to try this meal subscription for them recently. Both dogs love the food! More importantly, both dogs do really well on the food. My male Rhodesian mix has such a sensitive tummy that his nickname is Mr Disaster Pants. I didn't even have to transition him slowly on to the mixes, and he did just fine. No tummy upset! I have been feeding DIY raw for about 6 months before trying out Oma's Pride meal mixes. This is so much easier! Worth every penny!