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Designed to keep your pet happy & healthy with consistent deliveries of Oma's Pride!

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Included with Extra Large Dog RAW Meal Subscription:

3 x 5 lb Oma's Pride Chicken & Veggie Mix + 
3 x 5 lb Oma's Pride Turkey & Veggie Mix + 
2 x 5 lb Oma's Pride Beef & Veggie Mix + 
1 x 5 lb Oma's Pride Lamb & Veggie Mix 

- OR -

11 x 4 lb Oma's Pride Woof Complete Canine Chicken Meal 

  • Designed for extra large dogs over 75 lbs for a suggested twice (2x) daily feeding amount of 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 cups (or approx. 14 1/2 - 15 lbs per week).
  • Choose to automatically ship free every 3 or 4 weeks.

Additional Information: Not for human consumption.




Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 17 ratings)
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Written by Laurie Blizard on 21st Jul 2023

Love this grouping outside of the Turkey - My Dog Is Not A Fan Of…. Hopefully you could substitute it with Lamb or Chicken…

Love it
Written by Kari axelson on 12th Jul 2023

Best customer service !!!!

Written by Elizabeth Hall on 4th Feb 2023

We have been using Oma’s Pride for our big 112 pound girl and she loves all the recipes. I started this food in a panic when Stella had a swollen lymph node and we thought it could be cancer. After 6 weeks on the signature mixes and the fundamental vitality, the lymph node is back to normal! She also has more energy. She started coming back upstairs after a year and a half. I don’t think it’s just a coincidence. Thank you Oma’s Pride!

Written by Jack Haberkorn on 16th Nov 2022

Cant recommend this product enough. I have 4 large Pit Bulls that cant get enough. Skin is glossier, no bloating keeps them muscular and lean. Subscription makes process very easy.

Great Subscription Product
Written by Kimberly on 3rd Oct 2022

This is a great set of basic, core products. The only thing I didn’t like was that it was delivered every three weeks and you couldn’t change the delivery date/settings.

Our dog ADORES this food!
Written by Abbey on 27th Jun 2022

From the minute we began the transition to this food, our dog has gobbled it down. He loves it and we love that we are giving him the best food possible that will improve his health. He’s a 210-lb Spanish mastiff who has historically not been a good eater. Oma’s Pride fixed that!

The dogs look so great!
Written by Tony on 2nd May 2022

My inside dogs look absolutely amazing since we switched to Oma's Pride Raw! They are so healthy with more energy! One of the reasons we switched to a raw diet for our inside dogs was they were continuing to have gut issues, puking in the house, nervous ticks, and skin irritations. Once we started feeding them raw from Oma's Pride it all went away! I wish I could afford to switch my outside porch ranch dogs to a Raw diet!

Happy Dog!
Written by Susan F on 22nd Jun 2021

We’ve been trying all kinds of dry dog food for our GSD. Everything we tried gave him issues but Omas raw diet food seems to be the best thing for him. He loves it and looks healthy and happy. We also use the supplement over the food and he’s licking his bowl clean! I’m sorry we didn’t try this sooner.

Very pleased
Written by Sherry on 26th Apr 2021

Very pleased with the product, affordability, and convenience. The variety of proteins makes the deal even sweeter.

Life changing food for your beloved pet with great customer service
Written by Paul on 8th Mar 2021

This food saved one of my dogs life. My doodle, Coco had a weight problem even with strict attention to what she was eating. She also had hip pain problems, even though multiple trips to the vet showed no problems structurally . Finally, after tiring of watching my dog suffer I decided to try a raw diet that a breeder I met recommended, the Woof Complete Chicken Subscription. After one month, Coco was a new dog. She was actually going crazy at meal time for her food which had never happened before. She was losing weight and also becoming more active. The hip issues lessened as she leaned out. Coco also started to loves walks and her favorite pastime, Fetch! My other 2 dogs were quite jealous of Coco’s new food to the point of not eating their own food. It has been four months and my dogs have never been happier or healthier. The shipping for the subscription is free and timely to keep food frozen. I live on the west coasts my food is shipped clear across the country. My subscription is sent 2 day air and have had no problems with the food staying frozen. There have been a couple hiccups on shipping but one e-mail to Meghan D. and everything has been fixed within a day. This even includes shipping a whole new order with overnight shipping so my dogs would not run out of food. I know every dog is different and this might not work for everyone, but if you are even remotely interested in changing your dogs diet this is the one to try.

Rhodesian ridgeback
Written by Christopher Currier on 17th Jan 2021

This brand was recommended by our breeder and it’s easy to understand why! Very high quality and the subscription makes it very easy to ensure we’re rotating through 4 proteins. We pair the mixes with the fundamental vitality supplement to ensure we’re feeding a complete and balanced diet. Highly recommended.

Top Quality
Written by Erika Robles on 22nd Jul 2020

I have seen my dogs get healthier on Oma’s Pride diet. Not only could I see it in their physique, but their energy levels as well. You could also tell by their stool that they are eating cleaner and healthier food. The biggest blessing though, as a Frenchie mama, is that their farts do not nearly kill me everyday; and it’s less embarrassing when guests are around. I don’t have to excuse them for their stinky farts anymore. I loooovvvveee their products and the subscription makes it easy to always have the food ready and available.

My two dogs love it
Written by Korneliya on 1st Jun 2020

I’ve been feeding my two dogs raw for over a year now. Tried all possible pre made. This is the only brand that my dogs don’t get crazy itchy paws right after meal. And it’s also the cheapest one and best packaged for frozen delivery (Despite Vegas heat it still arrives fully frozen, never had a problem). And it’s the cheapest per pound that delivers to my door.

My dogs love it!
Written by Erika Robles on 25th May 2020

It makes me happy to see my dogs excited about food. With kibbles, I had to keep switching to figure out what they may want. Putting myself in their paws, I thought

Awesome product!
Written by Blake Coltham on 20th May 2020

It arrived frozen, the packaging is nice and convenient! One of my dogs didn’t agree with the turkey one, but I already suspected he had an issue with turkey anyways. I love this product and will continue using it! So healthy!

My Dogs Love It!!
Written by Kishia on 30th Dec 2019

For years I struggled to find a dog food my boxers would eat. I lost my boy Harper to liver cancer at only 6 years old and I knew I had to do something different. After hearing so many negative things about kibble I started researching feeding a raw diet. The benefits blew me away. At first I thought I would make my own, but quickly realized it was almost impossible to make homemade dog food balanced. I didn’t have access the all the ingredients I would need to make it balanced. Then I discovered Oma’s Pride Woof Complete....and the rest is history. This is the only dog food I will feed my babies from now on. I saw a difference in their coat, energy level, and most importantly their love of their food. They LOVE their meals now and I never have to beg them to eat like I did before. If you are on the fence I encourage you to try it. You and your dog will be glad you did.

My dogs love it!
Written by Celeste on 2nd Dec 2019

I have two 50 lb dogs and decided to try this meal subscription for them recently. Both dogs love the food! More importantly, both dogs do really well on the food. My male Rhodesian mix has such a sensitive tummy that his nickname is Mr Disaster Pants. I didn't even have to transition him slowly on to the mixes, and he did just fine. No tummy upset! I have been feeding DIY raw for about 6 months before trying out Oma's Pride meal mixes. This is so much easier! Worth every penny!