Our Products

Raw Food

Our pets’ digestive systems are designed for a raw, live, enzyme-rich diet. Oma’s Pride raw food replicates what canines and felines have eaten for thousands of years using only human-grade meat. Variety, ease, and nutrition are at the heart of our raw meal options.

- Our Signature Mixes are family recipes designed to be fed rotationally in order to provide a full spectrum of balanced nutrients and vitamins.

- Our canine (Woof) and feline (Purr) Complete Recipes meet or exceed AAFCO standards and are custom blended to offer a fully balanced natural diet for all life stages.

- Our wide range of unique and exotic nutrient-rich ground proteins can be used intermittently or fed in conjunction with any other food, and are key components of many specialized allergy-sensitive diets.


Raw Meaty Bones

Whole poultry necks, backs, organs & grass-fed beef bones are a great addition to any raw diet, supporting healthy teeth & gums while keeping your pet mentally stimulated.



Each pet has unique needs and preferences, and keeping them healthy from head to tail through natural nutrition can be tricky. We make that a bit easier by offering unique proprietary blends of natural supplements and salmon oil, formulated to specifically target digestive, mobility, & everyday health. Clean, natural, & nature derived.


Treats, Meal Toppers, & Chews

Our single-ingredient, and blended preferences are offered in freeze-dried and dehydrated treats, as well as meal toppers. All are 100% natural and handmade in small batches with premium, human-grade proteins. Options for both dogs and cats, keeping nutrients and variety in mind. Our chews are always responsibly and sustainably sourced, from relationships of trust. Minimally processed, fully digestible, with no added flavors, colorings, or preservatives.