Vibrant Skin & Coat Bundle




Bundle Benefits: 

Everything You Need For Shiny, Soft, & Healthy Skin & Coat.

Do you want your pet to have a coat and skin that’s shiny, healthy, and soft? Feeding foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A and E, B vitamins, iron, selenium, copper, and zinc can help!

Organ meats are rich in iron, copper, zinc, and selenium; fish contain crucial omega-3 fatty acids and other vitamins. All these vitamins, minerals, and nutrients work together to stimulate blood flow, reduce inflammation, and seal moisture into the skin.

Generally, a nutrient-rich, high-quality, bioavailable diet will lead to stronger hair follicles, a softer coat, better skin hydration, and less excessive shedding.


Suggested Use & Feeding Instructions:  

  • Please view individual product pages for specific suggested use and feeding instructions.
  • Please also note that we recommend incorporating bundle products into a balanced and rotated diet. Bundle products are not intended to replace a balanced or rotated diet.
  • Feed according to your pet's age, weight, activity level, and dietary needs. Refer to our feeding guide HERE.



Oma's Pride Ocean Blend 1 lb: Ground salmon, whole sardines, and whole mackerel. Oma's Pride Ground Salmon 1 lb: Ground salmon filet (skin-on). Salmon Oil 16.5 oz: Alaskan cold water Salmon oil, natural mixed Tocopherols. Whole Sardines 1 lb: Whole sardines. Beef Organ Rounds 4 oz: Ground beef heart, beef kidney, and beef liver. Ground Turkey Organ Meat 2 lbs: Turkey hearts, gizzards, and livers. 


Guaranteed Analysis:  

Oma's Pride Ocean Blend 1 lb: Crude Protein (min.) 9%  Crude Fat (min.) 16%  Crude Fiber (max.) <1%  Moisture (max.) 72%

Oma's Pride Ground Salmon 1 lb: Crude Protein (min.) 18%  Crude Fat (min.) 19%  Crude Fiber (max.) 1%  Moisture (max.) 62%

Salmon Oil 16.5 oz: Crude Fat (min.) 99%  Moisture (max) 0.6%  Omega-3* (min) 30% / 1395 mg  Omega-6* (min) 3% / 140 mg

Whole Sardines 1 lb: Crude Protein (min.) 19%  Crude Fat (min.) 9%  Crude Fiber (max.) 0%  Moisture (max.) 72%

Beef Organ Rounds 4 oz: Crude Protein (min.) 47%  Crude Fat (min.) 25%  Crude Fiber (max.) 16%  Moisture (max.) 5%

Ground Turkey Organ Meat 2 lbs: Crude Protein (min.) 17%  Crude Fat (min.) 2.5%  Crude Fiber (max.) 1.6%  Moisture (max.) 78%


Additional Information:

Not for human consumption.