How to Start Feeding Raw

Frequently Asked Questions

prideHarleyLomarWhat are some of the benefits of feeding raw cat & dog food versus commercial pet food?

Healthier and shinier coats, less itching and scratching, less tartar build-up on teeth, sweeter breath, fewer digestive difficulties, more even temperament, fewer energy spikes, easier weight management, less runny eyes, smaller & less smelly stools and less gas.

How can I transition my animal?

Some people will do a gradual transition

  • Day 1-5 - 75% of present food in the AM, 25% of raw food at night
  • Day 6-10 - 50% of present food in the AM, 50% of Raw at night
  • Day 10-14 - 25% of present food in the AM, 75% of Raw at night
  • Day 14 on - Feed Raw meaty bones (Chicken necks, Turkey necks, Duck necks, Chicken backs) in the AM; this flosses their teeth and massages the gums and helps the digestive system work properly, leading the way for the maximum absorption of nutrients from the PM Mixes. Some Dogs and Cats may have issues with whole bone; you can feed mixes for both AM and PM Meals, and give them recreational bones to clean their teeth. Examples of Recreational bones are marrow or knuckle bones.

For example, if your dog eats 2 cups of food a day:

  • Day 1-5 -- AM 1 1/2cups Kibble PM 1/2 cup Oma's Pride Mixes
  • Day 6-10 -- AM 1 cup Kibble PM 1 cup Oma's Pride Mixes
  • Day 10-14 -- AM 1/2 cup Kibble PM 1 1/2 cups Oma's Pride Mixes

Other People will transition immediately. Either way will work. Please note if your animal stops eating the Kibble in the AM, you can transition them completely over to raw. ALSO PLEASE Don't ever mix the raw and the kibble together as they digest at different rates.


They will also drink less water, as they are getting naturally hydrated.

How do you serve the raw food to your cat or dog?

The food needs to be defrosted and served. Most animals prefer it to be fed at room temperature.

Do you have to cook the Oma's Pride raw food?

No, the raw food should remain uncooked because you will lose essential amino acids and enzymes.

What about Salmonella and other Bacteria?

Dogs and Cats have a shorter digestive tract, it is only 4 hours long. They also have more acid in their digestive system. Therefore Salmonella and other bacteria are not an issue. At Oma's Pride we use all-natural, top quality products that are fit for human consumption before they are ground together.  We follow our rigorous HACCP program while adhering to USDA inspection.

How much raw food should I give to my cat or dog?

Dog Years % of Body Weight in Total Daily Consumption
Weaning- 1 7-10%
1-2 4 -6%
2+ 1-3%

*This is just a suggestion, as some dogs or cats may need less or more food at any particular stage 

For Example (in Pounds)

  Dog Years
Dog Weight <1 1- 2 2+
25 1.75 1.25 .5
50 3.5 2.5 1
100 - 5 2

Can I feed my cat or dog other types of food while feeding them raw food?

You can feed your cat or dog dry food while feeding them raw, but feed each type of food at separate feeding times.  It is best to feed the dry food in the a.m. and raw food in the evening. Don’t ever mix the raw and the kibble together as they digest at different rates.

How long does the food last unfrozen?

Once unthawed the raw food lasts 2-3 days in the refrigerator. You can also refreeze.


Please feel free to call with any additional questions.
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