Chicken Breast Chunks 16 oz

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  • Great source of lean protein.
  • High in phosphorus, which together with calcium, supports the growth and structure of the skeletal system.
  • Promotes eye health.
  • Sourced & produced in the USA.
  • 100% natural -- no preservatives, additives, or flavorings.
  • Antibiotic-free.
  • Muscle, bone, & joint support.
  • 100% raw premium USA raised protein.
  • High in amino acids.
  • Low odor.
  • A best selling treat.

Suggested Use & Instructions: Use as a treat, snack, or training tool. Feed whole or break into smaller pieces.

Ingredients: Hand-sliced chicken breast.

Calorie Content (ME, Calculated): 3609 kcal/kg   102 kcal/oz


Additional Information: No refrigeration necessary. Product is freeze-dried. Not for human consumption.

Product Reviews

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chicken hearts
Written by Nancy Yechout on 12th Dec 2022

My Golden Retrievers Love them! i ordered 2 pkgs, & ordered 1 pkg of turkey. i received 3 pkgs of the chicken hearts. I can't give a review on the turkey hearts. I'M SURE MY DOGS WOULD'VE lOVED THEM A LOT

Babies love!
Written by SS on 5th Oct 2022

I was introduced to Oma's Pride years ago from another company. I've never been disappointed. Given the price of these, I would love for them to be a special treat but there is absolutely no way my babies (feline) would put up with that! I love giving them a wholesome treat with no filler or preservatives, so I'm happy to oblige. The older one prefers me crumbling it, the younger one loves chewing on them. They also love the shake, so I usually alternative between the two. Usually sprinkle on their food as a topper and they get random chunks for snacking. Oma's Pride - please make a mixed case or "pick your own case," the babies would love that!

Chicken breast chunks
Written by Jennifer Fortado on 18th Sep 2021

Boy. These motivate everyone! Including the cats who come running when I break the chunks up to sprinkle over their kibble. Dogs all get this as a bedtime treat. It's their special reward at the end of the day.

Product review
Written by Jane Glasgow on 22nd Jul 2021

My dogs love the chicken & turkey I have also shared with my family members & their dogs love it too! I'm so glad to have discovered these products! Thanks Oma!

Chicken treats
Written by Kim on 22nd Jun 2021

My cat is addicted-only treat he will eat!!

Written by Amy on 9th Jun 2020

A half-teaspoon of this on top of my cats' food makes them happy. That makes me happy. I used the food processor's slicing blade, and then we have a glass jar of a light crunchy treat that's good for them. Put in the desiccant packages that came in the bag. (Be sure to remove those before you do the food processor step. Yes, neglecting that is an expensive mistake to make, take it from me. :( )

Chicken breast
Written by Melissa on 18th May 2020

My cats are crazy about these!! It’s hard to find something all 5 love!!

O'Paws Chicken Breast Chunks
Written by Blair on 6th Jan 2020

My vet recommended your product for my cats to switch them from their dry food snacks. The cats will only eat this one, tried other brands with limited success. Great results.

Chicken chunks
Written by Karen S Clugston on 26th Aug 2019

My PBGVs love them and they are good for the dogs!!!

Love, love, love!
Written by Ellie on 12th Jun 2018

I have two big dogs who both love the chicken breast chunks. They're wonderful healthy treats.

Written by Mary Mcneil on 5th Dec 2017

Cats go crazy for them.

The best
Written by Ellie on 13th Nov 2017

I have an old dog recovering from pneumonia who at the moment is extremely fussy about eating. But from the very moment I opened the bag of chicken breast chunks, Geoffrey was interested. He LOVES the chunks. Therefore, I love them, too!

Cats love the chicken!
Written by Genia on 8th Aug 2017

I have four finicky felines. I feed them a raw diet but some proteins they like better than others so I sprinkle the meat with freeze dried meat. This chicken is hands down their favorite topping. And when one was sick last month, I added warm water to a chicken breast and she ate that when she had refused everything else. Great product!

Chunk chicken breast
Written by Mary Mcneil on 3rd Aug 2017

Our pets , dogs and cats alike, LOVE LOVE LOVE this treat!!!