Skinless Chicken Necks 5 lb

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  • Sourced & produced in the USA.
  • 100% natural -- no preservatives, additives, or flavorings.

Ingredients: Skinless chicken necks.

Calorie Content (ME, Calculated): 1303 kcal/kg   37 kcal/oz

Additional Information: Product is 100% raw and should be treated as raw meat. Keep frozen until ready to use.

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Written by Elaine Buchsbaum on 2nd Aug 2022

Have been feeding raw for years...these products make my life easier....dogs coats are shiny and they love when the box comes

Skinless Chicken Necks
Written by H.Morse on 6th Jul 2022

Great product. Top quality. My girl love's them!

Skinless Chicken Necks
Written by Ralph on 8th Jun 2022

I like to buy local, but my local pet store was very unreliable with their raw food inventory. Sometimes they had skinless, sometimes only with the skin. Often they had none. I discovered Oma's Pride and the quality of the skinless chicken necks is so much better that I would never go back.

Enjoyed greatly by my dogs
Written by Kate on 19th Apr 2022

My Cavalier and my pittie both love these necks!

Raw Chicken Necks
Written by Cheri Carmichael on 1st Nov 2021

My Italian Greyhound loves these necks.

chicken necks
Written by db on 18th Aug 2021

loved by both the wolfhound and the deerhound

Perfect for Possums!
Written by Joe Pio on 31st Mar 2021

My 2 non releasable Possums get half a neck each, 3 times a week and they LOVE THEM! an Excellent source for Calcium and Taurine!

Good for our teeth
Written by Dona on 31st Mar 2021

My dogs live these as a treat! I love them as teeth cleaning treats. Lots of treats in the 5lb package.

Skinless chicken necks
Written by Barbara Belzer on 28th Mar 2021

Very high quality! I am really impressed at the size and quality of these necks. I buy 2 packages at a time due to shipping costs and that balances out well. Shipping is prompt and efficient.

chicken necks
Written by Pamela Marie Nixon on 24th Mar 2021

Great product. My Caracal Baby loves them. Affordable too.

Pride Farms Chicken Necks
Written by Harry Morse on 4th Jan 2021

Fantastic product. Very good quality chicken necks.

chicken necks/ turkey necks
Written by russell zinter jr on 26th Nov 2020

my water monitor just loves these

Chicken Necks
Written by Wendy Theobald on 16th Nov 2020

Excellent quality, better than local butcher shop

skinless chicken necks
Written by Colleen Geddis on 28th Sep 2020

FINALLY found Oma's for my chicken neck source at an affordable price! They arrived still frozen solid and in perfect condition. They'll be on our regular rotation with other items from Oma's. Dogs love them!

chicken necks
Written by Diane Finnemore on 22nd Sep 2020

Had such a hard time finding g chucekn necks locally and Omar's were quick to arrive and nicely packaged!

Chicken Necks!
Written by Mary Busch on 23rd Jun 2020

Finally found some and my girls are happy, happy, happy! Thanks!!

Amazing product
Written by Spencer Harrington on 19th May 2020

You definitely get a bang for your buck! Awesome product that my dog loves!

review skinless chicken necks
Written by Angela on 18th May 2020

WONDERFUL! It was hard finding them locally. My dog loves them so I search a while, I came across Oma"s shipping and items looked good online so I decided to give them a try. My

my dogs love these
Written by Angie Shue on 27th Jan 2020

I stick these in the dehydrator 5 lbs at a time and then store in the fridge. All 3 of my dogs love these!

Written by Lynette on 31st Dec 2019

Please don’t increase price. My dog loves them. Haha they used to be cheaper! Thank you!

My pup loves these!
Written by Katy on 16th Dec 2019

I have a 14 pound hell hound (I don't know what she is, but she has 2 moods: loving and rage) and she loves these chicken necks. It sounds like there is a velociraptor in my kitchen each morning, but she gets through one, along with her raw kibble and is a very happy girl. Whenever I order the 5 lb bag, I divide them up into freezer bags so I can take out 1 bag per week, to thaw in the fridge and keep my little monster happy.

Chicken necks
Written by Lynette on 2nd Jul 2019

My Ringo ((GS) cracks them and it’s gone! He devours these!

Chicken necks
Written by lynn venditti on 29th May 2019

I alternate the chicken necks and Turkey necks for my dogs meals she loves them, and easy for her to chew in her advanced years. And the shipping is so quick just in case I forgot to order well ahead of meal prep day., I know I will only have to wait a day or 2.

Chicken necks
Written by lynn venditti on 17th Apr 2019

I like to switch up the 10% bone and Nikita loves these the best. Another plus the shipping is speedy. Thank you

Nice alternative to more expensive duck necks
Written by Eugene Platonov on 15th Oct 2017

Nice alternative to more expensive duck necks. They are much cheaper, but not as skinless as duck ones. My dog eats those 3 times a week.