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  • One of the most concentrated and powerful supplements on the market. 
  • Designed to assist in joint lubrication, rebuilding of connective tissue, and joint repair. 
  • Loaded with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.
  • No preservatives or GMOs.
  • Meets or exceeds NRC, AAFCO, and FDA standards.

Suggested Use: Top or mix with meal. 

Feed 1 Tablespoon for every 50 lbs of Body Weight Daily

Enclosed scoop holds 1 tsp to 3 tsp/ 1 TBSP

Ingredients: Glucosamine Sulfate, Green Lipped Shell Mussel, Saccaromyces Cerevisiae, Kelp, Spirulina, SOD (Super Oxide Dimutase), Dicalcium Phosphate, Ester C®* , Ascorbic Acid, Methylsulfonal Methane (MSM), Yucca Schidigera, Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Silicate, Bromelain (Fruit Sourced), Horsetail, Tumeric, Gelatin (Vegetable Sourced), O'Paws Digestive Performance.

*Ester C is a Licensed Trademark of Zila Nutraceuticals, Manufactured Under Patent 4822816

Guaranteed Analysis:

Calcium (not less than)                                             2%

Calcium (not more than)                                        2.5%
Phosphorus (not less than)                                    1.4%
Glucosamine SO                                               6000mg
Methylsulfonal Methane (MSM)                        3600mg
New Zealand Green Lipped Shell Mussel        6000mg
Ester C*                                                            1000mg
Yucca Schidigera                                             1000mg
Bromelain                                                         1000mg
Tumeric                                                              800mg
Super Oxide Dimutase                                       150mg
Microbial Count                                        1 Billion CFU

Product Reviews

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Very pleased with Advanced Mobility
Written by Kristine Heidrich on 8th Mar 2021

We used a costly liquid Glucosamine product for years and switched over to Advanced Mobility and are very pleased with the results. We already use the fundamental vitality. The combination of the two is perfect for our dogs!

O'Paws Advanced Mobility
Written by Marie Lavinio on 8th Dec 2020

I highly recommend O'Paws Advanced Mobility. My 7-year old female beautiful dog Serena was nearly crippled (limping badly and could not jump after being very athletic) after she suffered with a tick-borne disease. She was on steroids with no results. A friend recommend this product and I've used it daily in her a.m. meal. She's back to normal and even better! It's truly made a world of difference!

Love it!
Written by Ella on 5th Nov 2020

Love it!

Great Product
Written by Brian Denham on 8th Jul 2020

My 3 dogs have been on this for a little over a week and we can already see a difference in our doxies which are notorious for back/joint issues....Even our 17 year old has a jump in her step.

advanced mobility
Written by Dorry on 29th Jun 2020

I have been using this for years. My dogs do well on it and have never had joint problems

Advanced Mobility
Written by Vicki on 20th Apr 2020

I loved this product for my dog who had multiple health issues and now purchase it for my partners dog. She is around 12 and a large breed. It makes a significant difference in her ability to stand up or, more importantly, get on the couch. I recommend it to everyone with pups, especially if they are undergoing orthopedic surgery of any kind.

O'Paws Advanced Mobility
Written by Debi on 24th Feb 2020

I've been giving this to my seniors dogs for the last 6 months and have noticed an improvement in their walking and movement in general. Great product!

advanced mobility
Written by Dorry on 18th Oct 2019

I find this supplement works best for my dogs. One is older and has some difficulty moving and this has helped. my other 2 do agility and there is never a problem with movement thankfully

It significantly helped my dog
Written by Jim Leamy on 11th Mar 2017

Prior to introducing my Labrador Retriever puppy to the frisbee, I had asked both my breeder and my vet if athletic frisbee play was okay. They both said yes, and not to worry. By age 3, my Lab would consistently come up lame after strenuous activity or frisbee play. She could not put any weight on one of her back legs for 3-5 days when lame, but would eventually get back to normal. My vet guessed that she had a partially torn MCL which may heal over time. We put and kept her on Cosequin DS and later on Dasuquin, neither of which had any discernible affect on her. At age 6, I heard about Advanced Mobility from another pet owner and ordered it. We administered 1 TSP 1x daily with food, and by the time we ordered the second container, my Lab's condition was greatly improved - her lameness after exercise decreased by 95%, and the few times she exhibited any soreness or lameness she has been able to recover overnight. She is 9 now and has been consistently improved since she started the Advanced Mobility supplement. It worked really well for us and significantly improved my dog's mobility and recovery time. Ordering is easy and service is prompt. Well worth the price and shipping cost.

Invaluable to healing pup.
Written by Vicki Baird on 14th Feb 2017

I originally got this on the recommendation of the woman who was rehabbing my dog after he blew out his knee. I can see a difference in his gait if I forget even one day. He is on it for life. His surgeon wanted to know what I was doing as he hadn't seen such a great healing. This and raw food did the trick!

Advanced Mobility is Amazing
Written by undefined on 14th Jun 2016

Advanced Mobility has done more than anything else we have tried for my 13 year old bulldog. She is more mobile than she has been in the last year and had been interacting with the family more than ever. Very thankful I found this product.