Moose Antler Munchers 16 oz Bag

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  • A great all-natural recreational chew to keep your dog happy and entertained.
  • A low-odor chew great for dogs susceptible to allergies.
  • Great source of calcium.
  • Naturally shed & collected in the USA (Maine).
  • 100% natural -- no preservatives, additives, or flavorings.
  • Approximately 3 pieces per bag, based on total weight (16 oz).


Suggested Use & Instructions: NOT recommended for strong chewers. This is a natural product. Antler may shatter under intense pressure, potentially becoming a dental, choking, and/or digestive hazard. We recommend you monitor your pet with any chew. Discard when the antler becomes small enough to swallow. 

Ingredients: Naturally-shed and dried moose antler


Additional Information: No refrigeration necessary. Not for human consumption.

Product Reviews

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Moose Munchers
Written by Julie on 22nd Dec 2020

My dogs love these. No mess, no smell. We can't get enough.

moose antler munchers
Written by David Eskin on 14th Sep 2020

awesome product; long lasting; I might have waited for my 5 month old lab cz she is not quite big enough to crunch these down yet; will save and give to her in few monhts!

Moose antler
Written by Lynette Anthony on 20th Apr 2020

My four boxers absolutely love the moose antlers. They have had them about 2 weeks. Some of it has been nawed down but still enough left for them to enjoy while we are hanging out. I plan to take it away once it is down to swallowing size.

Moose antler review
Written by Terrier mom on 13th Apr 2020

I thought these were going to be as dense/hard as deer antlers. They were not and my heavy chewers got right thru them, they were able to chew and digest them easily just didn’t last long enough for these particular dogs. Otherwise great product!

Moose Antlers
Written by Lina Angelici on 20th May 2019

Another favorite of my malinois. Provides Harry with days of enjoyment!