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Hi! Grimm here, Service Dog! I wished to say "Danke schoen" for the wonderful Oma's Pride. It is my favorite food, it has helped me be stronger, shinier, and healthier. I can focus better on raw food to do my work, too. See?

I think being on Oma's Pride is the "key" to my outstanding radiant health and function as a working Service Dog!

Oma's Pride not only gives me amazing vibrant energy for playing ... but it allows me to focus and concentrate for my job. But hey, sometimes dogs just gotta have fun!

My Mom/handler is legally blind and has seizures, but I love her lots. She needs extra help, so I help her. She feeds me the BEST food-- Oma's!

At a breed rescue place we visited, I dance for her with my ball in my mouth. We are a family, just us two together and we can be silly sometimes, too!

Well, I just wished to thank you again for the fantastic Oma's Pride. I love Oma's!! Even more than my BALL!! THANK YOU!! Sorry, but I gotta get back to WORK!

Woofs, Wags, and Happy Butt-Slams
Grimm van den Heuvel (and Patti Menzel, too)


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This is my working GSD "Feuro". Oct. 2007, IBD was doing a number on this poor dog. He was diagnosed at 1.5 years old and quickly went from a healthy 85 lb. dog to the skeleton you see in the photo. He is 53 lbs. in that picture and, in my opinion, days from death! I was running out of options and Feuro was living on pure drive at that point. I decided to keep fighting and find a way to help him.

All that the Dr.'s could tell me was that there is no cure for IBD, and all involved with his care could not come up with a diet to help. I contacted a good friend of mine (Patrick M. Cooke) and he suggested I give Oma's a call. Within days of feeding their "raw diet" Feuro's body began to respond!

Fast forward to today. Feuro's weight is 89 lbs. It took two years of slow steady gains to get to this point, but I am very happy with the results. He is retired from competitive Schutzhund, but we still train every day! ( You can't take the drive and desire to work out of this dog, he loves it!) IBD will probably take him sooner than others, but for now we enjoy our time together.


Thanks Oma's!!Thanks for giving me my working buddy back!

Kevin M. Moriarty
Moriarty's DogTown


Here is a picture of Enjoy, Lativa and Nola the three breed females that have puppies on the ground now. They all love the Oma's dog food and have much bigger and better litters now than before when on the other dog foods. Thank you so much for having your wonderful food available.


Best Regards, Walter and Joanne
Rhode Island

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Just thought you might enjoy a picture of one of our Bulldog puppy's trying to find the Omas in the refrigerator. He learned very fast where we keep it. Of all the breeds that thrive on Omas, Bulldogs are at the top of the list.

Niangua River Valley Bulldogs





Hi Oma,

I would like to thank you for your superior product. My 14 month standard poodle loves your product. We have been on your product for a month or two after discovering your food.

Joe M.


Just a note to say I started your raw diet about 3 weeks ago. My pups love it and it seemed overnight their stools improved. I am trying to spread the word, as it is truly an amazing product.

Thanks again for all your info and your product.

Barb G.
Littleton, Colorado

We could not be prouder of our HRH Silver Charm (her royal highness). She became supreme grand champion in just 4 shows as an adult. She was best of show for all championship cats. Considering there are about 1500 Egyptian Maus registered worldwide, this is pretty significant. Anyway, she has been fed an Oma's diet her entire life.

Andra H.

I recently lost one of my rescue English Bulldogs to the pet food contamination. My two remaining dogs were very ill, but have survived. I have found your food and they have been on it for about two weeks. Your food seems more digestibleto them and therefore creates easier elimination. I am committed to continuing your diet. Thanks for such a great product.

Dawna P.

Let me thank you for making Oma's Pride available. I have been feeding my 12 year old cock-a-poo the raw diet for nearly 5 years, and it has saved her from very serious and chronic digestive problems. She has not had a sick day since the day began eating raw.

Patricia I.

I have a dog that has had serious health problems the last month. We tried every food that we could think to see if he could keep it down, then we came upon Oma's Pride. The vet and I were ecstatic that he could keep it down. It has been about 4 days of constant eating with no problems.

Shane and Tracy

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We just started feeding Oma's Pride a few months ago. Abby is a very old rescue Golden as is Rusty. Daisy after years of refusing to "come" in the house when called now comes running when she hears the bowls come out. We have noticed great improvement in coat and energy level. By the way, the tumor on Rusty's face has gotten considerably smaller (could be the new diet). He is so much happier these days and seems to be iin better shape. Abby has the energy of a 2 year old.

I just wanted to let you know about our new additions – Dover and Serena, two 13 year old labs that are now part of our household. When they came to live with us two months ago we thought they were in the final stages of their lives, in particular Dover. He had an enlarged liver, an unspecified infection and wasn't responding to antibiotics. Both dogs had dull, greasy, flaky coats and appeared depressed. We moved them immediately to Oma's Pride that our other three pups have been on. Within about 10 days, their coats became shiny, their eyes bright, we didn't have to pick up Dover by his hind quarters to get him up and down the steps. Their tails are wagging and they're chasing balls and Frisbees around the yard. Their changeover has been nothing short of a miracle! Thanks so much!

P. Oceanic, Delaware

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I have had my Aussie for almost 6 years, adopting him at age 4 from a shelter. When I adopted him, I insisted upon Eukaneba for him, because I believed it was the best I could get for him. Not long after that, I discovered how very wrong I was and have made it a priority to keep myself educated and proactive in the nutrition of him and my cat, as well.

About 2 years ago, I brought my beloved Whisper into a homeopath for evaluation of some minor, but uncanny problems. It was here where I learned about Oma's Pride. I made the switch quickly and have been thrilled. There is a renewed sparkle in his eyes and an even softer and more lustrous coat that before, which I didn't think possible. With a little more time, it was the weight loss we had struggled with for so long. He shed pounds before my eyes and like magic, has maintained a perfect lean, muscular weight ever since. Then I noticed the absence of the horrible discoloration from tartar/calculus on his back teeth. When I say the "absence" I mean gone. Friends and family can't help but notice his pearly whites and that, to me, is really something for an almost 10-year-old dog who I never have taken for dental work. In addition, his breath became sweet, noticeably and pleasantly fresher.

In March 2005, about 6 months after transitioning to Oma's, I had to rush Whisper to an emergency vet. Hours later, he was recovering from a splenectomy with removal of a large tumor. The tumor was highly suspect for hemangiosarcoma based on presentation and appearance. In researching this, I fond the typical life expectancy after removal of a hemangiosarcoma could be as little as 3 weeks, rarely exceeding 5 months. Although I placed him on boiled chicken and rice for the first few day after surgery I placed him back on Oma's. The speed of his recovery was astonishing. I am thrilled and very grateful to say that Whisper is here with me and quite healthy close to 2 years later.

I believe wholeheartedly that had he not been receiving the superior nutrition of Oma's prior to and after his surgery in concert with the alternative therapies, he would not be here with me today. It is with a swelled heart and deepest gratitude I thank you for providing the means to open us up to a raw diet and for such excellent nutrition at a reasonable price to boot. I could not possibly put a value on the extra time I have been so blessed to have with my dearest Whisper and with the full intention of keeping him on an outstanding biologically appropriate raw diet, I anticipate having him with me, happy and healthy, for a long time to come.

With deepest thanks,

Sean R. Higgins

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Once upon a time in a land not so far away lived a Bengal Cat Breeder.


My tail begins about 9 years ago when I acquired two new kittens from different parts of the country for my breeding program. Both kittens had loose to pudding type stools even with the best protein based foods. I tried numerous varieties with no change. Several breeders counseled me to begin a raw based diet. Initially I thought this meant being tied to the kitchen grinding and preparing the food. Through much research I learned about “Omas Pride”. I began the feeding of ground chicken with veggies to these two kittens and within 2 days they had formed stools. I was both amazed and elated!

So began my love affair with “Omaspride”

I now feed all of my cats chicken with veggies and add turkey organ meats. My Bengals have lean muscular bodies, silken coats that glisten in the light. They have a good immune system which is important to me since we may19_001do show, our cats have the potential to be exposed to viruses or bacterial infections at the shows.  Our mothers maintain their weight caring for their young and we wean our kittens right onto the raw. We have now fewer issues with weaning, diarrhea and our kittens gain weight more quickly than with the traditional kitten diet.

Thank you Oma's Pride,

Chris Jacobson

Speakeasy Bengals