With an Oma's Pride subscription, get your favorite products automatically delivered directly to your door on a schedule that works for you and save 5% with free shipping*! Modify, skip, swap, and add products your subscription anytime through your online account. 


How do I start a subscription?

To begin a subscription, view and select any products within and click "Subscribe and Save" button, choose the quantity and frequency that you'd like, and it add to cart. Repeat for any other products you'd like and checkout to start your subscription! 


How do I view my subscription?

Once you log into your Oma's Pride online account, click "Manage Subscriptions" on the left-hand menu. From there, you will be able to manage all of your subscriptions. 

Within the your subscription portal, you have the ability to view and make following changes: 

      • Shipping address 
      • Payment methods
      • Upcoming delivery dates 
      • View and manage existing subscriptions per product. 


How can I manage my subscription? 

Your options to add, edit, or change are basically limitless! Choose to swap products, add a product to your next delivery, and try a product as a one-time purchase! 


When do I receive my subscription?

It's mostly up to you, depending on your order type and location. Oma's Pride ships out orders Monday thru Friday. Any order edits made after 12 PM EST will require 2 business days to process.


Can I modify the frequency of different items?

Yes! Each product can come at its own frequency when you when you initially checkout with a subscribe and save product. It is however most recommended that all subscribed products are put on the same date and same frequencies so that it will show as one order number. 


Can I receive my subscription sooner?

Yes! If you want the order to ship immediately, navigate to the "Subscriptions" tab and click the "Order Now" button. You can also change the day it ships by changing your charge date. You can do this by clicking "Manage Subscription", clicking the "Next Charge Date" icon and then select the date you'd like your subscription shipped. Finalize this change by clicking the "Update Next Shipment Date" button.


Can I skip a shipment?

Yes! In the "Subscription" tab of your online account, you can choose to skip and upcoming delivery by clicking the "Skip Shipment" button.


How do I update my payment method?

Once in your account, click the "Payment Methods" button to edit, delete, or add payment methods. In addition, if you wish for a specific payment method to be used for a certain subscription, click "Manage Subscription" then click the "Payment Method" icon and then select the payment method you'd wish to use.


How do I change my shipping address?

On the subscription management page, you can view or edit your shipping information by clicking "Shipping Addresses". We recommend verifying shipping address changes on all your active subscriptions.



For more information, feel free to to reach out on our LiveChat to speak to one of our customer care specialists!