O'Paws Lamb Lung Chips 16 oz

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  • One of our most popular treats—universally loved!
  • Great source of lean protein.
  • Good alternative to pork and/or beef allergies.
  • 100% natural and healthy dehydrated treat.
  • No preservatives, additives, or flavorings.

Suggested Use & Instructions: Use as a treat, snack, or training tool. Feed whole or break into smaller pieces.

Ingredients: Dehydrated lamb lung


Additional Information: No refrigeration necessary. Product is dehydrated. Not for human consumption.


Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 41 ratings)
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My dog loves these!!!
Written by Kim on 5th Oct 2019

My dog is in rehab and on a diet but she needs to have a lot of treats to get her through the many exercises she has to do daily. The lamb lung are perfect because I can easily break them into vey small pieces, they are low calorie and my dog LOVES them! I bought another brand of lamb lung on Amazon when I ran out of Oma's Pride and returned them because the quality was not even close to Oma's. I will never buy another brand.

Great product
Written by Vida on 30th Sep 2019

My dogs love these, they are easy to break up into small treats. Great for training and not as messy as freeze dried liver. Also, the lamb lung seems to be highly digestible, no digestive problems or "aromatic emmissions".

Lamb lung chips
Written by Tom Virtue on 30th Jul 2019

These are super high value treats! We've used them with great success training our young Newfie, she loves them. And our 7 year old Newf loves them too!

Lamb Lung Chips
Written by Marla on 19th Jul 2019

My cats like these treats very much!

Lamb Lungs
Written by Elaine Stone- Jerzey Stone on 15th Jul 2019

My babygirl, Jerzey, loves these treats. They are very low in calories and she never knows.

Lamb lungs
Written by Dana on 1st Jul 2019

This is the first time we have tried these! I like to order the bigger bags, so they last longer. My dogs absolutely love these!! They are bigger, so one lung works just fine between two dogs. They break easily and then they are happy! Will def order again.

Lamb lung
Written by Karen S Clugston on 8th Jun 2019

My PBGVs love it!!!

5 stars!
Written by Nerissa on 31st May 2019

My dog loves these treats! We’ve been buying them for years!

Lamb lung
Written by Lynne Cammarata on 4th Apr 2019

As a dog groomer you need high value treats! I always have a pocket full of lamb lung chips, the dogs love them!! Definitely makes my job easier and dogs happy!!

Lamb lung
Written by Karen S Clugston on 22nd Feb 2019

My dogs love this product. Excellent as a meal enhancer or can break apart for treats. I show dogs and use for bait in the show ring.

My Dogs Love These!!
Written by Jodi on 23rd Aug 2018

I purchased lamb lung chips as a lower fat treat alternative for my dogs, and they love them!! They run to me every time I bring the bag out. Thanks Omas Pride for such a great, clean product!!

Lamb lungs
Written by Elaine/ Jerzey on 30th Jul 2018

Jerzey just loves these treats. She was put on a diet to drop a few pounds and these are just perfect.. so much protein. Love them.

Dog Treats
Written by martha phelps on 1st Jun 2018

O'Paws Lamb Lung Chips are the best! I have used lamb lung treats from 4 other sources, either smell turned me to find another source, difficulty breaking into smaller pieces, or difficulty finding the product. O'Paws Lamb Lung gets 100% satisfaction from me and my dogs.

Lamb lung chips
Written by Sarah Mainen on 28th May 2018


yummy treat, even for older dogs
Written by Lori Dubreuil on 28th May 2018

All our dogs love these treats, and they are healthy snacks for young and old. I especially like that they are crunchy but not too hard, for older dogs with less-than-perfect teeth to enjoy without worry. All the treats we've tried from O'Paws have been excellent quality and tasty!

Lamb lung chips
Written by Dara Johnson on 28th May 2018

I have been buying dried Lamb Lungs for more years than I can count. My dogs love them, and I love them. They can be snapped into small pieces and stored in my pocket for treats during a class, or they can be given in a large piece as part of a meal, They are not greasy nor do they have an odor. Great product!

My Dogs Love These!!
Written by Jodi on 27th May 2018

A new great treat for my dogs...their tails start wagging as soon as I pull the bag out of the cupboard. Thanks O'Paws!

Lamb Lung Chips
Written by Lisa on 27th Apr 2018

My German Shepard is a picky eater, but she loves the Lamb Lung Chips!

Lamb lung chips
Written by Dave Atwood on 24th Apr 2018

Our little Parson Russell girl loves these... the only snack she can have due to some digestive problems in the past.

Happy dog with lung chips
Written by Mary Ann Lally on 22nd Jan 2018

Claddagh just loves these chips.

My Dog love his Lamg Lung Chips!
Written by Brian Smith on 4th Dec 2017

I use the Lamb Lung chips for positive reinforcement in training my dog new things and also as a reward. And if you have some in pouch at the dog park you'll get a lot of attention. I haven't met a dog that doesn't like them yet! Great treat, snack, reward!

Freeze Dried Lamb Lung
Written by AS on 8th Sep 2017

I have been using O'Paws Lamb Lung Chips with my dogs for positive training reinforcement for years. They love them so they make training really easy, and they are food-safe stable for a long time.

Motivating a Dog
Written by Patricia on 18th Aug 2017

My one-year old Aussie has limited motivation. When I first gave him the lamb lung chips during agility practice, he decided the effort was worth the reward. Now, I use it as a high-price treat during other training activities.

Never had one turned down!
Written by Jennifer on 9th Jun 2017

I use these for training (jackpot treats) and "Happy Hour". Best treats ever! I've handed a few out to everyone I know with a dog and have never had a bad report.

Can't go without.
Written by Shari Dowling on 26th May 2017

Bentley sits by the cabinet and waits patiently for these treats!

favorite treat
Written by Robert C Paepke on 20th Apr 2017

My vet uses these as a treat during acupuncture sessions. My dog loves them and looks for the jar on the desk while waiting for the vet. I'm told these treats are nutritious and healthy (in moderation of course) for my 8+ year old puppy. She'd eat the whole bag if I let her. Important to me is they are made in the USA, not imported from China with who knows what ingredients. That alone makes it worth paying more for than the questionable dog treats you find in most grocery and pet stores. Will be trying some of tge other treats from Oma's

Great Treats!
Written by undefined on 13th Apr 2017

These treats can be easily broken into the exact size you want, they don't crumble into dust in your bag.... and the dogs LOVE them!

best natural snacks
Written by undefined on 16th Mar 2017

I give these to my dog as snacks and sometimes I even mix it with her regular food.

My dog just loves these!
Written by Gail DeLucia on 16th Feb 2017

These treats were recommended by our dog trainer as the ultimate treat - she was spot on. My pup will do most anything if this is the reward. Not only are they delicious (for him), they are good for him, too.

One of the best dog treats
Written by undefined on 12th Feb 2017

I got a sample of these from another source snd was a bit skeptical at first. My dog unfortunately has a few food allergies, and I have to make sure I read every ingredient in every potential food or snack I give her. These lung chips are great! When I ran out, I immediately bought a bigger bag for my my dog to enjoy!

like potato chips for dog
Written by undefined on 19th Jan 2017

My dogs and cat love these

Makes My Dog Actually Listen
Written by Tawnya Johnson on 29th Sep 2016

We were introduced to this product when we attended a weekend dog camp as a "high value treat" to try and get our dog to listen to commands and get her attention. It is fantastic and we have been ordering it a case at a time ever since. We also hike and go to dog parks every weekend and we have given out samples from our own purchases and told other dog owners all about it. Not one of their dogs has not loved it as well.

Absolutely the Best!
Written by Joyce Henderson on 8th Aug 2016

This is absolutely the best treatment on the plan! I'very been using them for training for several months & my pup never tires of them. I break into small pieces & they last a long time. Every other dog i've treated with these just go bonkers with their first taste. Well worth the money spent on these high quality, high protein treats!

Lamb Lung Chips
Written by undefined on 22nd Jul 2016

I have a pug whose nose is always dry and crusty. Any time I pull out the lamb lung chips, his nose gets really wet. Both of our dogs love them.

Written by undefined on 4th May 2016

My dogs absolutely love these

Definite winner!
Written by Juanita on 3rd Mar 2016

My three girls look forward to these crunchy treats every day.

Our dog loves 'em!
Written by undefined on 24th Dec 2015

Our dog gets more excited for lamb lung than any other treat, and the company seems like a nice, family-run business.

Replaces glycerin jerky that my dog craves!
Written by Kate and Marly on 13th Oct 2015

We have finally found a satisfying morning treat to replace the coveted chicken strip in glycerin that have become so scary and expensive. My dog loves to hear the cabinet open when its treat time! This batch has some HUGE pieces so I'm letting him enjoy that...you should see his eyes when he sees how big they are!

5 dogs can't be wrong
Written by undefined on 25th Sep 2015

They all love these treats. I break them up and keep in my treat pouch for training purposes. Meets the term "high value treat"

Another great training treat!
Written by undefined on 3rd Aug 2015

My dogs look forward to their treats for a job well done! The lambs' lungs break up easily into smaller bite size pieces, are easy to chew so the dogs are ready for their next task! The treats last a long time, and don't spoil or break down like many of the other training treats do.

Best treat you can buy
Written by Carolyn on 20th May 2015

My dog breeder recommended these treats for my dogs when I bought them and they love them. So, also, do my cats. They also help clean their teeth.