The Best Beef Trachea for Dogs

The Best Beef Trachea for Dogs

10/19/2023 | 6 minute read

We all know that dogs love, love, love to chew. It’s simply in their nature.

As puppies, dogs will attempt to chew everything…rocks, sticks, carpets, or even your favorite pair of socks.

Although puppies are especially avid chewers due to teething, all dogs (young and old) have a desire to chew. This is where all-natural chews come in. Instead of allowing dogs to chew on dangerous or off-limits items, all-natural chews provide a healthy outlet for your dog or puppy.

Beef trachea for dogs are an excellent chew because they are made without synthetic ingredients, are low in fat, support healthy joints, clean teeth, and provide mental stimulation.

Read on to learn more about where to find the best beef trachea for your pup, safety guidelines, storage tips, feeding guidelines, and more.

Purchase beef trachea for dogs online

Searching for a trusted dog food brand can be tough. Luckily, you can feel good purchasing chews from Oma’s Pride.

The beef trachea chews from Oma’s Pride are:

  • Made from grass-fed cattle

  • Sourced and produced in the USA

  • Available in 2 sizes (6” and 12”) for small, medium, and large dogs

  • 100% all-natural and free from preservatives, additives, flavorings, or anything else

  • Fully digestible (unlike rawhide or synthetic chews)

  • Crafted from simple ingredients you can trust

These are the best for my aggressive chewer! Even if she swallows the last small piece, I know it is totally digestible & won’t cause problems. She loves these!

-Joyce, Oma’s Pride Customer since 2016

My dog is on a special diet (100% organic grass-fed/finished) to help heal her leaky gut, so chew treats have been hard to find...I noticed plaque building up, so I knew I needed to add a teeth-cleaning chew. Thankfully, I found Oma’s Pride. My kiddo loves the Beef Trachea, and they’ve really helped clean up her teeth. We’re almost through our 2nd bag and have ordered another 2 bags. Thank you, Oma’s Pride, for this great product at a great price!

-Krista, Oma’s Pride Customer since 2021

What is beef trachea?

An all-natural beef trachea chew for dogs is made from the windpipe or throat of a cow. Technically, it’s the cartilage tube that connects a cow’s mouth and lungs together.

Most beef trachea chews are prepared for dogs by baking and dehydrating the cow trachea. Since there are no bones in this part of the cow (just cartilage), pet parents don’t need to worry about splintering after heat processing.

This simple, minimal process of baking and dehydrating hardens and prepares the trachea so your dog can safely chew it.

Beef trachea benefits for dogs

Beef trachea for dogs benefits list with a picture of trachea on the right.
Beef trachea for dogs benefits list with a picture of trachea on the right.

Your pup can experience many tremendous health benefits when you offer them a chew. Here’s why beef trachea chews are great:

  • Keep dogs mentally stimulated. When dogs chew, it’s like they are solving a puzzle. This activity can reduce stress and anxiety and give them a healthy outlet so they don’t get bored and chew something inappropriate.

  • Fully digestible and bioavailable. Beef trachea chews are fully digestible and natural (unlike synthetic chews like rawhide, which can cause digestive upset). Rest easy knowing your dog is built to digest an all-natural chew like trachea.

  • Safe for more aggressive chewers. Some aggressive chewers don’t do well with recreational bones because of a choking risk. Trachea is a fantastic alternative because it only contains soft cartilage (no bones or sharp edges).

  • Strengthens joints. The high levels of chondroitin and glucosamine in beef trachea can benefit arthritis, strengthen hips, and improve joint health. These compounds keep cartilage healthy through joint lubrication, which is especially important for senior pets.

  • Low in fat. If your dog has a condition (like pancreatitis) where they need to avoid high-fat treats, beef trachea is a safe option for them.

  • Supports dental health and jaw strength. Chewing on beef trachea scrapes plaque and tartar from dogs’ teeth. This chewing activity improves dental and gum health; it also strengthens the jaw through exercise.

  • Environmentally sustainable. Humans mostly do not eat beef trachea, so this part is often thrown away. Feeding beef trachea to dogs utilizes this part and reduces animal waste.

Feeding guidelines for trachea

Trachea chews are usually made in a few different sizes to accommodate all dogs, small and large. They are typically sold in various sizes (from 3 to 12 inches).

Tip! Chews 3 to 6 inches are best for extra small, small, and medium-sized dogs. Chews 7 inches and up are ideal for larger and extra-large dogs.

Don’t feed a chew as an entire meal because it is intended for supplemental use only. By themselves, chews don’t fulfill the nutritional needs of dogs, but they are an excellent add-on to a complete and balanced diet.

A good rule of thumb for supplemental chews: treats and chews should make up 10% or less of your dog’s daily caloric intake. Many pet parents find that offering a beef trachea chew 2-3 times a week is a good frequency.

Finally, beef trachea is an excellent beginner chew to introduce your pup to the activity before advancing to raw meaty bones or edible bones.

Safety tips and best practices

Although trachea is generally very safe as a beginner chew, it’s best practice to monitor your pup as they chew so you can intervene just in case.

Make sure to match the size of the chew with the size of your dog. For example, you don’t want a very large dog eating a small chew because they might try to swallow it whole.

Before giving your dog a chew, find the right location in your house or yard. While chews don’t contain blood, the softened cartilage in trachea mixed with your dog’s saliva can make a mess. Consider feeding on a surface that’s easy to clean or on a washable towel.

For the greatest benefit, feed beef trachea to your dog in short, 20-minute sessions to avoid overeating. You may need to adjust the length of each session depending on how aggressive a chewer your dog is.

Consider offering your pup beef trachea if they are bored, the weather is too bad for outdoor activities, or as a fun supervised activity before you leave the house.

Beef trachea alternatives

If you find that trachea isn’t a good fit for your dog, there are many types of all-natural chews and bones to choose from. Bully sticks, marrow bones, knuckle bones, moose antlers, and lamb weasand twists are a few other options to consider.

How to store beef trachea

Most beef trachea chews are shelf-stable because they are either baked and dehydrated, freeze-dried, or air-dried.

If your dog only chews part of the trachea in a session, store it in an airtight container to extend the product’s life. Let the wet saliva on the chew air dry on the counter before storing it so it doesn’t remain wet.

Frequently asked questions

1. How often can I give my dog beef trachea?

You can give your dog beef trachea daily; however, many pet parents feed them 2-3 times per week. Treats and chews should not exceed 10% of your dog’s daily calories.

2. Is beef trachea good for dogs?

Yes, beef trachea is good for dogs because they provide mental stimulation, support joint health, and improve dental health. These low-fat treats are perfect for beginner or aggressive chewers.

3. Is beef trachea better than rawhide?

Beef trachea is safer and better than rawhide because it is made from free-range cattle and all-natural ingredients. Rawhide, on the other hand, is made from byproducts and chemicals that can cause digestive issues, blockages, and even choking.

4. Does beef trachea splinter?

No, beef trachea does not splinter because it contains no bone content. Trachea is made from 100% cartilage that softens as your dog chews, licks, and eats it.

5. What can you stuff in beef trachea?

You can stuff the hollow tube of beef trachea with dog-safe peanut butter, meat, greek yogurt, 100% canned pureed pumpkin, cheese, or dog-safe fruit puree! Fun idea: try mixing multiple ingredients and adding the mixture to the tube.

Clancy Giesbrecht, copywriter, marketer, and dog mom carrying her dog Lyra.

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