Performance Dog 2 lb

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*Manufactured by Bravo Packaging, Inc. This product is not made by Oma's Pride.

  • Contains our highest calorie blend -- ideal for canines with increased energy and activity!
  • Tripe has digestive enzymes.
  • Trachea is a natural joint enhancement.
  • Sourced (protein) & produced in the USA.
  • 100% natural -- no preservatives or flavorings.

Suggested Use & Instructions:

  • We recommend feeding twice (2x) per day.
  • Feed according to your pet's age, weight, activity level, and dietary needs. Refer to our feeding guide HERE.
  • Raw food should not be fed within 5 hours of feeding your pet dry kibble.
  • Product has a VERY strong odor. You have been warned!

Ingredients: Beef, tripe, trachea, finely ground bone, egg, salt, limestone, and trace minerals.


Additional Information: Product is 100% raw and should be treated as raw meat. Keep frozen until ready to use.

Product Reviews

Score: 4 out of 5 (based on 10 ratings)
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Written by Fiona McCann on 17th Dec 2020

This product is fantastic! I have been feeding my dogs and Cat this for years, my pets are so healthy and happy and have the most beautiful fur, good sign of the health of my pets. Yes its a bit smelly but you get used to it, but more importantly, this is a great source of food for your pets.

My Go-To!!
Written by Keke on 10th Sep 2020

Although this stuff smells

Performance Dog food
Written by CAROL SHEPLER on 25th Aug 2020

Though my dog seems to like the food, the holy, bloody mess that arrives in the cooler is beyond disgusting. Everything leaks...the baggie that holds 2 rolls leaks as well as the half thawed 2# log...impossible to not get blood everywhere. I just don't understand at this cost that they do not package in leak proof packages? I won't buy again for this reason alone! Too gross!

Great dog food!
Written by Javier Osorio on 10th Aug 2020

If you can get past the smell, you get used to it after the second time you cut these package into smaller portion weighted out dependent on your dog’s weight, they absolutely love this stuff! One of my two Belgian Malinois is a picky eater and wouldn’t ever finish her meals until we switched her over to a fully raw diet!

Great Product
Written by Randall Emshwiller-Bohan on 25th Jun 2020

I use this in my 2 dogs rotation of proteins. Both dogs love it. The added tripe means I don’t have to suffer through that smell for that week of meal prep!

Performance Dog
Written by Arlene Martel on 18th May 2020

My #2 choice (after #1 Green Tripe) for commercial frozen raw for many years, Performance Dog is an excellent 'cooling' protein choice, only slightly 'warmer' than tripe due to beef content. My active, 8-year-old, 80 lb ALWAYS raw fed dog thrives on it. DELIVERY: Oma's M-11 syrofoam cooler/gel paks/cardboard box/3-chub per plastic bag packing for delivery was top notch, so product arrived frozen solid with no evidence of leakage. NUTRITION: Would like to see the EXPANDED and UPDATED Guaranteed Analysis -- including Trace Mineral Ingredients in the custom vitamin-mineral premix formulated by Dr. Patton -- posted on the website, instead of the micro version there now. It exists. I've had the full, expanded G/A in my files for years. Would like to see info re: the DICAL-18.5 [18.5% Dical is a high quality feed grade Dicalcium, Monocalcium Phosphate (DCP) supplement for use in all livestock, poultry and companion animal diets, AKA Dicalcium Phosphate (18.5% P), DCP, Dical, Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate]. Key info for those tweaking diets with regard to medical issues like Kidney Disease, or food sensitivities/allergies. SOURCING: Because PD is NOT made by Oma's Pride, a brand I have been feeding for decades and trust, I would like to see more transparency on the website about Performance Dog sourcing from BRAVO PACKING, INC., 58N GOLFWOOD AVE., CARNEYS POINT, NJ 08065. Performance Dog and Green Tripe were both previously sourced from TEFCO. Only after I searched the 'Bravos' info on the label myself, was I made aware of the USFDA March 2020 warning letter re: violations. Not a 'deal-breaker' for someone who's been raw feeding for 18 years, but something to watch when I need to re-order.

Written by James Georgetti on 7th Oct 2019

Great product just too small

Written by lynn venditti on 19th Nov 2018

Excellent dog loves it

Written by Michelle on 19th Jun 2018

Package leaked slightly, unlike the other items I ordered I put this in a ziplock bag. No concerns with food.

Pride Performance
Written by Susan Curci on 25th May 2018

Love this stuff for my Malinois...very smelly but they adore it. Seems to be easily digested. However, the packaging needs work. I would buy more of it except that it always leaks all over everything else...not fun when stowing my raw food nor when I defrost. I go through a lot of extra locking seal bags to avoid a holy mess in my fridge. Please fix this's such a great product! Without the packaging problem this food would surely rate 5 stars.