O'Paws Chicken Hearts 16 oz

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  • Great source of lean protein.
  • High in fatty acids, vitamins A and B, Iron, and Taurine.
  • Sourced & produced in the USA.
  • 100% natural -- no preservatives, additives, or flavorings.
  • Antibiotic-free.
  • Promotes healthy skin & coat.
  • 100% raw premium USA raised protein.
  • High in amino acids.
  • Rich in vitamins & minerals.

Suggested Use & Instructions: Use as a treat, snack, or training tool. Feed whole or break into smaller pieces.

Ingredients: Hand-sliced chicken hearts.

Calorie Content (ME, Calculated): 4500 kcal/kg   121 kcal/oz


Additional Information: No refrigeration necessary. Product is freeze-dried. Not for human consumption.

Product Reviews

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Chicken hearts
Written by Jennifer Fortado on 18th Sep 2021

These are the perfect size for a treat. I give them as rewards for everything and don't have to feel guilty. And my dogs love them!!

Chicken hearts
Written by THOMAS SMITH on 18th May 2021

Lean mean chicken hearts the best I've ever ordered others I had ordered before these full mostly fatty unhealthy looking had to throw away these are the healthiest I've seen

Chicken Hearts
Written by Elizabeth Schwahn on 21st Apr 2021

My puggle Fawn loves these treats.

Outstanding quality
Written by debbie on 7th Apr 2021

My two dogs love this treat and I love the convenience. I often make my own dog treats but to have the piece of mind, nutritionally, these are equal if not better to what I have previously offered makes me happy as a consumer and a dog-Mom. I loved your recent promotion, too!

chicken hearts
Written by Kathleen on 7th Apr 2021

Been giving these to our dogs for years, dogs love em. Haven't met a dog that didn't like these, have given them out as gifts and the people really love the fact that their dogs thoroughly enjoy them.

Freeze dried chicken hearts
Written by Kathleen Skovan on 6th Oct 2020

These are an obsessive favorite of both my dog and cats. Grated they make a great meal topper, and whole they are an aggressively sought reward. With absolutely nothing artificial or processed beyond the drying they are a healthy source of protein, fat, and taurine. Highly recommended.

Chicken Hearts
Written by Marlene on 27th Jul 2020

DaisyMae loves these treats!!! Great for training.

Chicken hearts
Written by THOMAS SMITH on 29th Jun 2020

Best chicken hearts ever my dog and cats love then and I can tell and energy level pick up after a couple of days I could see a much higher energy in them, this is my second order

Chicken hearts
Written by THOMAS SMITH on 10th Jun 2020

My dog went crazy, bugs me all the way up till I'm going to bed she never acted this way with anything else. I started just giving them to my dog then one night I treated my 2 cats and now I've got them doing just like my dog it's an eating battle around my house I'm going broke

Chicken hearts
Written by Christine on 13th Dec 2019

My cats love these. I use them as little treats after claw clipping - which they hate - and chopped up as meal toppers when they’re feeling finicky. These are wonderful little bites for them. All I have to do is open that bag and they know what’s next. I love giving them these little treats opposed to the conventional ones, I love knowing what’s in them, and, more importantly, what isn’t.

chicken hearts review
Written by Cybele on 26th Dec 2017

My three cats absolutely LOVE these treats, as they do all Oma's raw food mixes. I am so grateful to have found this wonderful company. My cats have never looked and felt better.

Chicken heart just chicken hearts
Written by SCarlson on 2nd Oct 2017

My Fab 5 loves these! No junk in them just what is says Chicken Hearts! We stay away from carbs as much as possible as I can. These are the best option for treats for my pack!

Chicken Hearts
Written by undefined on 12th Jan 2016

My felines LOVE these hearts...One of them demands a heart after breakfast and dinner. If I forget, she absolutely HOWLS, following me everywhere I go, until I make the connection and give her the treat. At times like this, I wish I'd never started the habit....Oh well, life is short and we all have our preferences!!