How To Start Feeding Raw

Making the switch to an all raw diet can seem intimidating if you are just getting started, but once you understand the basics, it's as easy as thaw, scoop, serve.

How to Transition to Raw

An abrupt change in diet can disrupt your pet’s digestive system, so we suggest a gradual 2 week transition.

Day 1-5: 75% of current food in AM and 25% raw food in PM
Day 6-10: 50% of current food in AM and 50% raw food in PM
Day 10-14: 25% of current food in AM and 75% raw food in PM
Day 14 on: 100% raw food

IMPORTANT: RAW FOOD AND KIBBLE SHOULD NOT be fed within 5 hours of each other.

How Much Should You Feed

Feeding amounts are based on your pet’s age and body weight %. Below is a daily feeding guide for canines. This is for total daily consumption, and is meant to be split in half and fed 2 times daily. You can also use our Feeding Calculator.

Feeding Chart

Weaning - 1year

7-10% of Body Weight

1-2 years

4-6% of Body Weight

2 years & older

1-3% of Body Weight