What are some of the benefits of feeding raw food to my pet vs. commercial pet food?

  • Healthier, shinier coats
  • Allergy relief (less itching & scratching, less runny eyes)
  • Improved dental health (less tartar build-up on teeth, fresher breath)
  • Regularity in digestion (fewer, less. smelly stools, less gas)
  • More even temperament (fewer energy spikes)
  • Easier weight management


If my dog has allergies to certain proteins, can they have it in raw form?

         It's not uncommon for dogs to be allergic to specific proteins when cooked (kibble, canned food, etc.) but not have the same allergic reaction to the protein in its raw form. This is not to say that an allergy can't still occur, but there's a much greater chance of your dog not having a reaction to certain proteins in their raw state before being processed. 


If my pet has allergies, will this help them?

         Depending on the dog's allergies, it may help! The raw diet, when done properly, has been known to improve pets' overall skin and coat health. Food allergies make up a very small portion of actual allergy cases, environmental allergies are much more common. 


How do I get started on raw?

         There are two ways to go about switching your pet over to raw food. You can do it gradually or cold turkey.

         Gradual Method: 

    • If you choose to transition your pet over gradually, you'll do it in stages. You will be feeding both their current food and raw food, but in varying amounts during different times of the day. We recommend gradually decreasing the amount of kibble (or other current food) fed in the morning, while you increase the amount of raw food given in the evening. Raw meaty bones (Turkey Necks, Chicken Necks, Chicken Backs, Duck Necks) can be introduced once your pet has been on full raw for 7-10 days.
      • Example: Think of your pet's daily intake adding up to 100% Feed about 75% of their daily food intake (this would be their current food) in the morning and the remaining 25% of their food intake will be raw, fed to them in the evening. Every five or so days, slightly decrease to 50% / 50%. Then after another 5 days you'll be feeding 25% of their current food in the morning, and the remaining 75% raw at night.

         Cold Turkey Method:

    • If you choose to switch your pet to raw cold turkey, we recommend fasting your dog for 24 hours (be sure they have plenty of fresh water). This will help clear out their current food from their system. Start by feeding Oma's Pride Signature mixes (for dogs) or Oma's Pride Complete Meals. We recommend these specific products as they contain bone and will help the digestive tract prepare to eat whole bones. Many people start by feeding chicken and/or turkey as they are mild proteins and easier to digest. Raw meaty bones (Turkey Necks, Chicken Necks, Chicken Backs, Duck Necks) can be introduced once your pet has been on full raw for 7-10 days.

         In addition, we strongly recommend addition one of our daily supplements (digestive performance or fundamental vitality) as they contain probiotics to help regulate the digestive tract.


How do I serve raw food to my pet?

        Keep frozen until ready to use. We recommend letting the food thaw out in the refrigerator prior to portioning or feeding and use within 4 days. It's best to put the food in some sort of washable container so if any leakage happens in the thawing process, it's an easier clean up. If there is leftover product after portioning you may refreeze for later use. Discard any uneaten product. 


Does Oma's Pride food need to be cooked? Can it be cooked?

         No, our food is meant to be served in its raw form. Cooking the food can lead to the loss of essential amino acids and enzymes. In addition, cooking raw food that contains bone can be dangerous, as cooked bones can splinter and cause injury. 


What about bacteria or parasites in raw meat?

         Along with pets' digestive systems being more acidic, meaning bacteria has trouble surviving, Oma's Pride uses phage technology during the food production process, which reduces harmful bacteria such as salmonella and listeria, leaving only the beneficial bacteria. Oma's Pride also uses only all-natural, top quality products that are fit for human consumption before they are ground together. We follow our rigorous HACCP program while adhering to USDA regulations. We always recommend practicing safe food handling techniques, much like when you prepare meat for yourself. 


Will my pet get digestive upset if I switch them from dry food to raw food?

         Unless a dog is prone to having a sensitive stomach, they will not see any digestive upset. We recommend starting with mild, lower fat proteins (chicken or turkey) to begin the transition process. Proteins such as beef or lamb are higher in fat, and when introduced quickly, are more likely to cause digestive upset. 

         * See our answer about transitioning pets to raw above for additional information.


How do I introduce a new protein into my pet's diet?

         We recommend introducing a protein slowly over the course of a few days. You can do this either feeding it by itself, or by adding it in as part of their meal. Just make sure to monitor their digestion to see if they're tolerating the protein well. 





Does Oma's Pride offer FREE shipping? (updated 3/4/22)

        We are proud to offer FREE standard* shipping on online orders totaling $149+**. See below for clarification. 

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Where do you currently ship?

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I noticed one of your products is Out of Stock. When can I expect it back in stock and how can I be notified?

         Given our wide product offering, and the fluctuations in raw material availability, we do not currently announce when items are out of stock or return to stock. We are working to integrate a feature to improve this in the near future. We do, however, work to keep all items stocked and are proud to say that we held 95% product availability across all of 2021.




Can I redeem more than one coupon code at checkout?

         Currently our system only allows for one coupon code redemption per online order. It's something we are working on for the future. Be sure to choose the best coupon code available based on your specific order. 


When will Oma's Pride be running their next online sale?

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Where do I put in my coupon code?

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