O'Paws Turkey Hearts 16 oz

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  • Great source of lean protein.
  • High in fatty acids, vitamins A and B, Iron, and Taurine.
  • 100% natural and healthy freeze-dried treat.
  • No preservatives, additives, or flavorings.

Suggested Use & Instructions: Use as a treat, snack, or training tool. Feed whole or break into smaller pieces.

Ingredients: Hand-sliced turkey hearts

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein (min)    81%
Crude Fat (min)            8%
Crude Fiber (max)        1%
Moisture (max)             7%

Additional Information: No refrigeration necessary. Product is freeze-dried. Not for human consumption.

Product Reviews

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Turkey hearts
Written by Karen S Clugston on 8th May 2019

My dogs love them

Freeze Dried Turkey Hearts
Written by Barry T on 6th May 2019

Our dogs and cats go crazy about them. I have definitely seen an improvement in there skin and there coats. Great product and keep up the great work! Oma's Pride is definitely number one in my book!!!

turkey hearts
Written by Frances Anker on 17th Oct 2018

First Benji and now Trooper want nothing but these O'Paws treats No other one will do for them. Ignore other treats offered.

turkey hearts and chicken breasts
Written by Carol Woods on 31st Jul 2018

excellent products; thanks for making them available

Review of dried turkey hearts
Written by malkin Shaw on 25th Jun 2018

The dogs love them and we know they are not made from questionable ingredients like the grocery store treats.

Turkey hearts
Written by Adrienne Schettino on 20th Apr 2018

My cat and dogs love them! Great product!

Turkey Hearts
Written by Micael Cowling on 6th Mar 2018

Our Dogs love these treats we order by the case. They are great for training and also just as a treat. Whenever they come in from being outside they go straight to the counter where we have the package .

Turkey hearts
Written by Mary Hope Schoenfeld on 12th Feb 2018

These dehydrated turkey hearts are my dogs' favorite snack! Great for training & bedtime cookies!

turkey hearts
Written by Kevin on 25th Dec 2017

My dogs love these!

Turkey Hearts
Written by Micael Cowling on 25th Nov 2017

We have been using these as treats for about 3 to 4 years now and our dog just loves them. He knows where they are on the counter and when he thinks he needs a treat he let's us know. They are great for training as well. We also buy turkey rounds and turkey breast chunks. All O'Paws freeze dried products are excellent healthy choice

Turkey Hearts
Written by Kathy Knakal on 12th Oct 2017

I have given these treats to all my dogs over the years and they all loved them. I give them as treats and also use them to hide pills when called for, couldn't be happier with the product and I also have never had an issue with shipping.

turkey hearts
Written by Patti Crawford on 10th Oct 2017

All the dogs and cats love these turkey hearts. However, the shipping is horrible. Im actually still waiting on my order. I have been waiting 2.5 weeks and will be waiting 1 more before it gets delivered.

Turkey Hearts
Written by Karen on 22nd Sep 2017

They are pricey but my Eloise loves them. She has a few health issues and the vet has approved them for her. I crumble them on top of her prescription food, which she is not fond of but tended to eat it better now.

Turkey hearts
Written by Jackie on 16th Sep 2017

My spoiled but awesome babies LOVE these. Anytime I go for these treats I get bows, backups, jump up and downs to get one of these for our nighttime treat. Do not fill bad about giving them a nutritional treat before bed.!!! Loyal fan for long length of time.

Great bait!
Written by Kristi on 8th Sep 2017

Found these at our Great Dane National and try to keep them on hand. The only bait my picky dane will always take. She loves them!

Decadent & Delicious
Written by Jennifer Pivovar on 3rd Aug 2017

Or so say my dogs. These are big enough to make them pause and enjoy! I like the variety of organ meats available and rotate these with the lamb lung and beef liver.

Turkey Hearts
Written by Micael Cowling on 16th Jul 2017

Best Treats Ever. Our dog loves these he knows where we have them on the counter and stops in front of them when he thinks he is entitled to one. These are great training tools

picky dane loves these
Written by undefined on 6th Jul 2017

Best bait I've ever tried. My picky Great Dane will always take these.

Best Natural Treats
Written by Harold Clark on 6th Jul 2017

Have Used These Treats for Years Dogs Love them

Great treat for training!
Written by Nancy on 10th Jun 2017

Great for use as a high value reward! Also can be stuffed in a Kong to keep the pups busy for a bit.

The only treats my dog eats
Written by Lauren Zahavi on 26th Mar 2017

O'paws turkey hearts are the only treats my dog loves. She rejects all the poor ingredient treats offered to her because she is accustomed to these. Additionally, she never has a weight problem, and at 8 years old all her blood labs are perfect! Low in fat. One in ingredient.What's better?

Amazing product for cats and dogs
Written by Brenda on 12th Dec 2016

These are wonderful turkey hearts and a great way to provide organ meat. I slice them up for my cats or feed whole to my dog. Best I have found.

Great all natural snack
Written by Vickie on 5th Dec 2016

My picky Maltese loves the snacks. And I find that all of her doggy cousins like them as well. They are a great source of protein and she's very energized after eating them. I can easily break them into smaller pieces for her tiny teeth Buying in bulk is the most cost-effective and I can share it with her doggy cousins.

turkey hearts for felines, top pick!
Written by undefined on 5th Dec 2016

I just ordered three bulk packs of turkey hearts for my three felines and if I'm careful and give them as treats once a day, the turkey hearts MIGHT last for a little while. The kitties follow me all over the house and stand under the cupboard when it is treat time! Try them, you won't go wrong!

dogs love them
Written by undefined on 2nd Nov 2016

my dogs love them just couldn't wait tell had bag open to get some

The only treat my dog will eat.
Written by Lauren Zahavi on 12th Oct 2016

These are the only treats my dog eats. She loves her turkey hearts and will fool me into taking her out, just to get a "cookie" when she comes in. My dog is completely spoiled by them. What I love most about the turkey hearts is that they are real food, not processed, healthy; made in America treats.

Great for game time!
Written by undefined on 13th Sep 2016

Our dog absolutely loves these things! We play game time which is our take on the find game. We hide small pieces of these turkey hearts cut up. The dog smells them out and is very satisfied with her instant reward.

Turkey day every day!
Written by undefined on 11th May 2016

Lexi loves the treats!!! She drools when I grab the bag and sits like a queen waiting to inhale her Thanksgiving Day treat everyday!!!

Best healthy treat for cats and dogs
Written by Julie Somers on 14th Apr 2016

My vet recommend these initially to help keep my cats teeth clean. I use them also as training treats for my dogs. They are so easy to use, they don't smell and you don't have to wash your hands afterwards and I know my pets are getting only good and pure nutrition, I recommend these to every pet owner I know.

Who doesn't love hearts?
Written by Kathleen S. on 3rd Apr 2016

Hearts are great for dogs, cats, and just about any carnivore or omnivore. Water turtles devour them happily and grated they make a great addition to homemade fish food, Heart is a good source of taurine as well as a high protein muscle meat. As a treat food heart it's likely better for dogs or cats that are sensitive to the laxative effect of organ meats like liver. I re-hydrate all dry foods before feeding, and these turn into juicy chewy favorites that no one turns down. The excess water I soak them in makes a tasty broth for re-hydrating Purr or other dry meals and if warm the cats will just drink it by itself. The dogs like it warm or cold. Oma's Pride products are second to none!

Nothing Added. Just the meat.
Written by Kim L Millard on 29th Mar 2016

My girls Lyla and Violet love to get their turkey heart treats and I can rest easy knowing they are only getting the organ meat they need and nothing that they don't need.

Written by undefined on 24th Mar 2016

My dogs love the turkey hearts and they are good for them also

Best treats
Written by undefined on 18th Feb 2016

I shouldn't say I love it. More like our mini pin Bruce Willis loves it. He can't train without any other treat other than Oma's pride turkey hearts. We can just say the word turkey heart and he will behave lol.

Dogs Love Them!
Written by undefined on 14th Jan 2016

I use them for natural treats because of the nutrition provided by the heart, specifically

Great for Hide and Seek!
Written by Kate and Marly on 13th Oct 2015

We play hide and seek with these every morning. While Marly practices his stay command, I hide two pieces in the sofa. Its great to know that they are not sticky or gooey for this purpose. What's funny is the time I only hid one, tell me dogs can't count! he about destroyed the sofa looking for the second one!

Works Everytime
Written by Mike on 11th Sep 2015

Our dogs love these threats in fact they are the only treats they get. We have Airedale's and it is a surefire way to get them to do what you want as opposed to what they want. Typical for Airedale's. On the plus side they are healthy way to reward your pets and easy to handle

Great reward for training
Written by undefined on 27th Aug 2015

My two poodles love these! Easy to use and very nutritious for my best friends. Will definitely order again

Nutritious Treat
Written by undefined on 28th Jul 2015

My dogs love them and I don't like handling raw hearts...so this way they get the heart nutrition and I don't mind touching the dried hearts!

Package took forever to come
Written by undefined on 28th Jul 2015

My order took a very long time to come. I don't know if I will order again.

My Pets Love These
Written by undefined on 20th May 2015

I have both cats and dogs and they eat these with great gusto. My animals are super healthy and because of their clean diet, they tend to have cleaner teeth. Also, this product was recommended by the breeder from whom I bought my dogs and she is a very careful breeder.